Delayed Submission of Pension Papers in Non-Govt. Colleges

Delayed Submission of Pension Papers in Non-Govt. Colleges


Government of West Bengal
Education Directorate
Bikash Bhawan, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091

Memo No. 592/C/Pen/OM-13(C)-PEN-2011, Dated: 20.03.2012


For sometimes past it is observed that the pension papers from some Non-Government Colleges are not being submitted to Education Directorate in time.

Consequent upon non-submission of pension papers in due time, the Government is facing huge financial liabilities due to payment of interest on delayed payment of gratuity.

It is imperative on the part of the College Authorities to follow strictly the provisions as laid down in Government Order No. 63-Edn(CS) dated 12.01.1999 in respect of submission of pension papers of the concerned persons before six months from the date of retirement on superannuation to the sanctioning authority positively, failing which the consequence of such non-submission of pension papers (supported by all relevant documents) would lie on the authorities of the concerned Colleges.

Sd/- Anis Chattopadhyay
Directorate of Public Instruction, W.B. &
E.O. Secy. H.E. Department

No. 592/C dated 20.03.2012

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