Collection of Standard Forms used at every Government Office. Bill Form, GPF A/c Opening Form, Leave Application Form, Nomination Form etc.

·         Reservation for Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs)

Reservation for Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs) in direct recruitment in civil posts and services and admission in the educational institutions in the state of West Bengal.

·         Modified Single Comprehensive Form for Pension, 2021

Governor has now been pleased to prescribe a modified ‘Single Comprehensive Form’ which is enclosed. This Form will replace the existing Single Comprehensive Form introduced under Finance Department Memo No. 416-F (Pen) dated 09.08.2019.

·         West Bengal Form No. 2911 (Standard Bid Document)

A revised West Bengal Form No. 2911, is introduced with immediate effect for use in the tenders for works of value upto Rs. 25 crore.

·         Modified Single Comprehensive Form for Pension, 2019

Governor has now been pleased to prescribe a modified Single Comprehensive Form which is enclosed. This Form will replace the existing Single Comprehensive Form introduced under Finance Department Memo No. 398-F (Pen) dated 13.09.2012.

·         Performance Report for Personal Assistant (Basic Grade)

Proforma of the Annual Confidential Report (ACR) and Annual Performance Report (APR) for Personal Assistant (Basic Grade) Schedule ‘B’ English Stenographers of Finance Department.

·         Introduction of New TR Form No. 51

Governor is pleased to replace the existing TR Form No. 51 with the new TR Form No. 51. Necessary amendment in West Bengal Treasury Rules will be made in due course of time.

·         Guidelines for Submission of Schemes for Administrative Infrastructure Up-gradation

Guidelines for submission of Projects /Schemes for up-gradation of Administrative Infrastructure in Districts /Sub-divisions of West Bengal.

·         Different Forms of Transport (Motor Vehicles)

Application for the Grant or Renewal of Learner’s Licence, Licence to Drive a Motor Vehicle, Addition of a New Class of Vehicle to a Driving Licence, Renewal of Driving Licence.

·         Inclusion of some more TR Forms under e-Billing module of IFMS

It is expected that the DDO’s will prefer preparation of the bills in electronic format for the claims to be submitted in the TR forms and acquaint themselves with the e-Billing.

·         Digitization of T.R. Form Nos. 7A, 12A, 24, 50, 68B

E-billing committee constituted by the state Government to examine and review the existing TR forms to make them amenable to digitization in order to facilitate their incorporation in e-pradan and e-billing modules of IFMS.


·         Discontinuation of LOC System – Further Guidelines

The requisitioning non-works department will provide fund through e-bantan to the authority in the works department, i.e., Chief Engineer, along with administrative approval;

·         Modification/ Introduction of New TR Forms

Change in the format of existing Bill Register which is not a TR form and introduction of one Appropriation register to be maintained by the DDO.

·         Extra Time for Physically Challenged Candidates of M.P. 2015

Application Form for permission to help of Amanuensis with extra time for sightless/ physically (orthopaedically) challenged candidate of Madhyamik Pariksha (S.E), 2015.

·         Procedure of Preparation of APR in r/o Engineer Officers

APR should be initiated and submitted to the Reporting Officer within 1st week of April of the next financial year. The filled-in APR shall be submitted by an Officer to the concerned Reporting Officer under whom he is/was attached to on the day of 31st March of that financial year.

·         WBMDFC Term Loan Application Form for Business

WBMDFC invites application from Minority Communities for Business Loan. For loan above Rs. 50,000/- Guarantor should be a Govt./ Semi Govt. Employee/ Teacher/ A Good Beneficiary of WBMDFC.

·         ACR of Group A Officers under Health Service

The new Annual Confidential Report for Group – A Officers belonging to West Bengal Public Health-cum-Administrative Service and West Bengal Health Service Cadres duly approved by the Department of Health & Family Welfare, West Bengal is hereby circulated.

·         Grading in New Annual Performance Report (APR)

In old APR grading viz. Very Good, Good, Average and Poor, the maximum attainable rating of performance is 3. However, for the purpose of determining the eligibility for movement of the officers belonging to State Services to the pre-revised Scale No. 19 are using minimum threshold rating of 3.20 mandated as per the new APR…

·         Admission to GNM Course: Session – Sept, 2013 to Feb, 2017

Applications are invited from female candidates for admission to the three & half years G.N.M. Training Course in Nursing Training Schools under the Govt. of West Bengal. The last six months of the G.N.M. Course will be for internship.

·         Annual Performance Report (APR)

Annual Performance Report in new format for evaluation of performance and efficiency of the engineer officers borne in the cadre of West Bengal Senior Service of Engineers, Service of Engineers, Subordinate Engineering Services and Service (in Architect Wing) under P.W.D.

·         Introduction of T.R. Form No. 36A

For drawing charges on account of payment/ repayment of loans, advances, subsidies, investments, interest on loan, withdrawal from Contingency Fund by the Government.

·         Standard Grant in Aid Sanction Order, 2010-11

A standard Grant-in-Aid sanction order has been prepared and this changed format will be introduced w.e.f. 01.10.2010 i.e. beginning from the 3rd quarter of the financial year.

·         New Bill Forms for WBHS 2008

The expenditure incurred by, and to be reimbursed to on account of medical attendance and treatment under the WBHS, 2008 may be drawn in T.R. Form. 68 and 68A.

·         Performance Appraisal of West Bengal Govt. Employees

To improve Performance, Efficiency, Accountability and Integrity of the employees of Govt. of West Bengal, Performance Appraisal is implemented. Group B, C and D are guided by Open Performance Report System whereas for Group A it is Annual Performance Report System.

·         Standard Forms – West Bengal Govt. Employees

Form of West Bengal Health Scheme, General Provident Fund, Nomination, Earned Leave, Assets Statement Report, Annual Confidential Report, Open Performance Report, Annual Performance Report, Life Certificate.



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