Land Purchase

Land Purchase

  • Construction of Flats/ Houses by Co-Operative Housing Society

    For the flats/ houses which are constructed or to be constructed on a subsequent date i.e. after 31.03.2013 through a Co-operative Housing Society, the benefit under this order may be available, if the registration is done within 24 months from the date of completion of the construction work.

  • The New Town, Kolkata Development Authority Act, 2007

    An Act to provide for the planned development in the areas within New Town, Kolkata and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

  • West Bengal Special Economic Zone Act, 2003

    An Act to facilitate the development, operation, maintenance, management, administration and regulation of Special Economic Zone in the State of West Bengal so as to accelerate economic reforms and to promote the rapid and orderly growth, development and operation of industries in such Special Economic Zone, and to provide for the matters connected therewith or…

  • Administrative Cost towards Land Purchase by Department

    Governor is pleased to fix the amount of administrative cost to be borne by the requiring departments towards direct purchase of land as follows:

  • Standard Operating Procedure for Direct Purchase of Land

    There shall be a 4 (four) member committee, comprising of Executive Engineer (Civil), Assistant Engineer (Civil) of the concerned district/ project, representative from planning wing of PHE Directorate and an officer of the L&LR and RRR Department to be nominated by the District Collector, for identification of suitable land (s) for the proposed project (s).

  • Direct Land Purchase Policy from Land Owners by Government

    Governor is pleased to allow the various departments of the State Government and the Central Government department to go in for the direct purchase of land for public purpose.

  • Direct Purchase of Land for Public Purpose

    Direct purchase of land for public purpose mainly involving the early commissioning of infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, food godowns, drinking water, flood protection and other similar projects in rural and/or urban areas.

  • Direct Purchase of Land for Godowns, Roads, Bridges etc.

    Direct Purchase of Land for Public purposes to ensure optimal utilisation of public funds and early implementation of important infrastructure projects like food godowns, roads, bridges etc.


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