MDM 160-ES(CMDMP)/Genl.-02/2023 date03-03-2023Setting up nutritional gardens in primary / upper primary and high schools in coordination with FPI&H
MDM 09(25)-ES(CMDMP).03-01-2023 Transfer of Allotment of fund for Additional Nutrition of students under PM-POSHAN
MDM 544(49)ES(CMDMP)GENL-26/2014 24-11-2022Conducting Social Audit of Mid-Day Meal by Social Audit Unit, WB
MDM 491-ES(CMDMP)/GENL-23/2015 13-10-2022Revised rate of Cooking Cost under Mid-Day-Meal Scheme
MDM 1-3/2021-DESK(MDM)-Part(2) dated 07.10.2207-10-2022Revision of Material Cost (earlier known as cooking cost) @ 9.6% w.e.f. 1st October, 2022 during 2022-23 under PM POSHAN Scheme (Central Order)
MDM 248(24)-ES(CMDMP)/GENL-7/2020 dated 17.05.2217-05-2022Distribution of MDM materials during Summer Vacation 2022
MDM 59-ES(CMDMP)/GENL-07/2020 DT 03-02-2022 03-02-.2022Providing Cooked Mid Day Meal at Paraya Shikshalaya
MDM 504(38)/ES/CMDMP dated 30.08.201330-08-2013Role of Teaching/ Non-Teaching staff in Mid-Day Meal Scheme


PMPoshan (Mid Day Meal) Scheme Info & Orders

School Wise Check List for MDM-WB | Notification new
SMS Process of Daily Monitoring System under MDM (PDF)Download MDM App

Allotment, UC Forms & Info

Rate of Allotment:

  • Class I – V:

    • Rice = 100gm/head

    • Cooking cost = Rs. 5.45/head

  • Class VI – VIII:

    • Rice = 150gm/head

    • Cooking cost = Rs. 8.17/head

  • Revised Cooking cost per child per day w.e.f. 01-Oct-2022 –

  • Revised Cooking cost per child per day w.e.f. 01-Apr-2020 –

Forms for UC Submission:

Important Links / Info:

Notification / News  


Videos on MDM

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