Madhyamik English 2024 Suggestion

Write the correct alternatives to fill in the blanks:

(1) Today India _______ (has been/ will be/ is) independence but once India was under British rule. The people of India did not _______ (like/ liked/ likes) to remain in bondage. So some among them started _______ (organized/ organizing/ to have organized) revolt against the British Administration by collecting arms. The British rules _______ (discover/ would discover/ discovered) this and Sent soldiers to _______ (seize/ seized/seizing) them arms. The freedom fighters ______ (putted/ put/ putting) up shiff resistance.

Ans: is, like, organizing, discovered, seize, put

(2) Three boys _______ (injure/ was killed/ were killed) when the car they _______ (travel/ travelled/ were travelling) collided with a bus. This _______ (occur/occurs/occurred) last evening is Kestopur area.

Ans: were killed, were travelling, occurred.

(3) People who _______ (live/ have lived/ were living) in cities and towns _______ (do/ does/ did) not think that they _______ (have/ had/ will have) any connection with forests.

Ans: live, do, have.

(4) I _______ (start/ started was starting) a school in Bengal when I _______ (am/ was/ were) nearing 40. Certainly this was never expected of me, who _______ (spen/ spent/ had spent) the greater portion of life in writing, chiefly verses.

Ans: started, was, had spent.

(5) ‘Selfie’ _______ (is/are/was) the latest technological tool to _______ (show/ showed/ had shown) to the world how one _______ (rubs/ rubbed/ was rubbing) with eminent personalities.

Ans: is, show, rubs.

(6) The teacher _______ (inspects /inspected/ was inspecting) the home lessons. To Swami’s thinking, this _______ (is/ are/ was) the time when Samuel _______ (gets/ got/ was getting) most angry.

Ans: was inspecting, was, got.

(7) Every year the test examination _______ (is held/ was held/ will be held) in the month of November. The gap between the test and the final examination _______ (is/ was/ are) more than 3 months. Students _______ (utilise/utilizes/utilized) this period for preparation.

Ans: is held, is, utilize.

(8) Vivekananda _______ (is born/ born/ was born) in India. He _______ (was/ had been/ were) a genius with a great knowledge in Indian philosophy. He _______ (is remembered/ was remembered/ had remembered) by all Indians.

Ans: was born, was, is remembered.

(9) When I _______ (find/ found/ had found) the old man he _______ (sleeps/ was sleeping/ had slept). I was surprised because he never _______ (sleeps/ slept/ was sleeping) in the day time.

Ans: found, was sleeping, slept.

(10) After the performance ______ (is/ was/ were) over, all the actors _______ (come/ came/ had come) out and stood before the screen. The audience started clapping. The lights ________ (focus/ was focused/ were focused) on them.

Ans: was, came, were focused.

Madhyamik English Grammar Practice (Indirect Speech)


  • Rewrite each of the following sentences in Indirect Speech:


(1) She said to me, ‘Are you well’?

Ans: She asked me if I was well.

(2) He said to his sister, ‘Well done’.

Ans: He congratulated his sister for doing well.

(3) He keeps saying, ‘I am very lucky’.

Ans: He keeps saying that he is very lucky.

(4) The chairman said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, welcomed to the meeting’.

Ans: Addressing the ladies and gentlemen, the chairman welcome them to the meeting.

(5) The boy said to his friend, ‘I went to school yesterday’.

Ans: The boy told his friend that he had gone to school the previous day.

(6) ‘Please do not disturb me’, said the lady to the boys.

Ans: The lady requested the boys not to disturb her.

(7) ‘What’s your problem’? said the doctor to the patient.

Ans: The doctor asked the patient what his problem was.

(8) I say to my student, ‘speak the truth’.

Ans: I Advised my student to speak the truth.

(9) The girls said, ‘Hurrah! I have on the debate competition’.

Ans: The girl exclaimed in joy that she had on the debate competition.

(10) Mother say to me, ‘do you like to have a cup of tea’? 

Ans: Mother asked me if I liked to have a cup of tea.

(11) ‘Are Cherry seeds lucky’? asked Rakesh.

Ans: Rakesh asked if Cherry seeds were lucky.

(12) She said, ‘let us have some fun’.

Ans: She proposed that they should have some fun.

(13) ‘Climb up, little boy,’ Said the tree.

Ans: The tree encouraged the little boy to climb up.

(14) The passenger said, ‘how far is a station’?

Ans: The passenger asked how far the station was.

(15) ‘How did you get here, child’? asked the man.

Ans: The man asked the child how he had got there.

(16) The doctor said to my mother, ‘take this medicine regularly’.

Ans: The doctor advised my mother to take that medicine regularly.

(17) The teacher said to his students, ‘you must love your motherland’.

Ans: The teacher told his students that they must love their motherland.

(18) The teacher said to the boys, ‘keep quiet’.

Ans: The teacher ordered the boys to keep quiet.

(19) The teacher said, ‘man is Mortal’.

Ans: The teacher said that man is Mortal.

(20) ‘Let’s sit down here and talk the matter over’ said Davy to Faraday.

Ans: Davy proposed to Faraday that the food sit down there and talk the matter over.


madhyamik english grammar practice set for class 10 wbbse

 Madhyamik English Grammar Suggestion (Change the voice)



Change the voice of the following sentences: 

(1) Let the door be shut.

Ans: Shut the door.

(2) They gave each of the recipients a handsome prize.

Ans: Each of the recipients was given a handsome prize by them.

(3)  Someone wrote this letter in the 19th century.

Ans: This letter was written in the 19th century.

(4) Tell the truth.

Ans: Let the truth be told.

(5) We call the tiger our national animal.

Ans: The tiger is called our national animal.

(6) I received a phone call.

Ans: A phone call is received by me.

(7) Shut the door.

Ans: Let the door be shut.

(8) They did not make a sound.

Ans: A sound was not made by them.

(9) Please post the letter.

Ans: You are requested to post the letter.

(10) I am writing a poem.

Ans: A poem is being written by me.

(11) The teacher gave Suresh an exercise book.

Ans: Suresh was given an exercise book by the teacher.

(12) Do the work at once.

Ans: Let the work be done at once.

(13) Please maintain silence in this room.

Ans: You are requested to maintain silence in this room.

(14) Many buildings have been damaged by flood.

Ans: Flood has damaged many buildings.

(15) I know the man.

Ans: The man is known to me.

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Madhyamik English Grammar Suggestion 2023 WBBSE


  • Do as directed : 


(1) He is too short to reach the fruit of the tree. (Rewrite the sentence by removing ‘too’ and ‘to)

Ans: He is so short that he can not reach the fruit of the tree.

(2) He is the tallest boy in the class. (Change the degree of comparison)

Ans: He is the taller than any other boy in the class.

(3) Sheetal is the fastest runner in the school. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘fast’)

Ans:  No other runner in the school is so fast as Sheetal.

(4) Tell me what your name is. (Turn into a simple sentence)

Ans: Tell me your name.

(5) It is not necessary for you to come tomorrow. (rewrite using ‘need’)

Ans: You need not come tomorrow.

(6) St Paul’s Cathedral is the biggest church in our locality. (Change the degree of comparison)

Ans: No other church in our locality is so big as St parts Cathedral.

(7) He is so proud that he will not apologize for his mistake. (Turn into a simple sentence)

Ans: He is too proud to apologize for his mistake.

(8) Who does not love his parents? (Change into an assertive sentence)

Ans: Everybody loves his parents.

(9) As soon as he reached the station, the train left. (Rewrite using ‘No sooner …. Than’)

Ans: No sooner had he reached the station than the train left.

(10) He was sorry that he was late. (Turn into a simple sentence)

Ans: He was sorry to be late.

(11) The Silver pot was the most beautiful thing in the house. (Change the adjective in the positive degree)

Ans: No other thing in the house was so beautiful as the silver pot.

(12) She offered me tea but I asked for a glass of water. (Complex sentence)

Ans: Though she was offered me tea, I asked for a glass of water.

(13) Horses, which come from Arabia, are much in demand. (simple sentence)

Ans: Arabian horses in demand.

(14) The poem is too simple to need an explanation. (Remove ‘too’ and ‘to’)

Ans: The poem is so simple that it does not need any explanation.

(15) He is very old. He cannot walk fast. (Use ‘too and ‘to’)

Ans: He is too old to work first.

(16) Who does not love his motherland? (Turn into a statement)

Ans: Eevery body loves his motherland.

(17) Do or die. (make it complex)

Ans: If you do not do, you will be die.


Madhyamik English Grammar Suggestion 2023 (Phrasal Verbs)


 Madhyamik English Grammar Suggestion 2023


Phrasal Verbs :  

Understand = make out

met = came across

appear = turm up

withdrawa = call off

resembles = takes after

starts = sets in

closes = breaks up

published = brought out

tolerate = bear with

continued = kept on

died = passed away

recover = come round

chased = ran after

change = give up

forcibly entered = broke into

surrendered = gave in

rejected = turned down

overcome = get over

quarrelled = fell out

erupted = broke out

arrive = turn up

distributed = gave away

found = came across

established = running after

removed = set up

failed = took off

reared = fell through

abolished = brought up

in search = looking for

causes harm = tells upon

examining = looking into

obey = carry out

postpone = put off

be cured = come round

extracted = taken out

omitted = left out

escaped = ran away

prepare = make up


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