Public Service Commission, West Bengal

Public Service Commission, West Bengal


The following provisions have been made in Constitution of India for securing independence of members of the Commission from influence of the executive:

  1. Chairman and members of PSC are appointed by President of India/ Governor of the State as the case may be.
  2. They cannot be removed from his post by President/ Governor as the case may be arbitrarity.
  3. They can be removed from their posts by President/ Governor on the basis of report of the Supreme Court in the following grounds:
    • Insolvent
    • Engages in any paid employment outside the duties of his office
    • Unfit to continue an office by reason of infirmity of mind and body is in the opinion of the President/ Governor as the case may be
    • Ground of misbehavior
  4. Expenses of PSC including salaries etc. are met out of charged head of Consolidated Fund.
  5. No change in conditions of service of Chairman and Members of PSC.
  6. Chairman or Members of PSC are not eligible for employment either under Govt. of India or State Govt. excepting the commissions themselves as per provision Art. No. 319.
  7. Obligatory to consult PSC on certain matters by President/ Governor.
  8. If any where the advice of PSC was not accepted by the Govt. the reasons of such non-acceptance to be laid before each House of Parliament/ State Legislative by the Govt. as the case may be.
  9. Constitution has provided for the independence discharge of their duties without fear and favour.

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