PAB REPORT (2023-24)



 PAB REPORT (2023-24)                            
PAB REPORT (2022-23)
PAB REPORT (2021-22)
PAB REPORT -(2020-21)

Shikshabandhu & Voluntery Resourse Person’s  Nomination Time Extended

Shikshabandhu can contest Panchayet election order by Kolkatta High Court




Enhancement of Remuneration by 40% of the Shikshabandhu  of  PBSSM in the Circle Level Resource  Centers Will take effect from 01/01/2019 restrospectively

Enhancement of Remuneration by 40% of the Project Management Staff of  PBSSM in the State Project Office,District Project Offices and Circle Level Resource  Centers Will take effect from 01/03/2018 restrospectively

Annual Enhancement of Remuneration @3% and one time terminal benefit of Rs 3 lakh on attaining the age of 60 years for PARA TEACHERS , SHIKSHABANDHUS, SPECIAL EDUCATORS & MANAGEMENT STAFF  of PBSSM and for SHAHAYAKS/SAHAYIKAYS and SAMPRASARAK/SAMPRASARIKAS of SSK and MSK

Annual Enhancement of Remuneration @ 3% for Para Teachers, Shikshabandhu, Special Educators & Management Staff of PBSSM



Shikshabandhu Deputation to Principal Secretary, School Education Department, Govt. of WB

Shikshabandhu Deputation to Education Minister,Govt. of WB

Remunaration In Respect of  workers service condition  Memo- 3998-F(P2), Dated-15.07.2019


Project DIPANKAR – The Child Tracking System

40% Enhancement of Remuneration of Siksha Bandhu

Employees Provident Fund for Para-Teachers, Shiksha Bandhus

UTKARSHA ABHIJAN – Quality of Education in Primary Schools of WB

Duties and Responsibilities of Para Teacher, VRP, Siksha Bandhu

Para Teacher, VRP, Siksha Bandhu under Sarba Siksha Abhijan

Salary Increment of Para Teachers, Siksha Bandhus

Re-engaged for a period of 1(one) year subject to renewal till 60 years of age  all existing employees of State Project Office,District Project Office & CLRC Office

Remuneration of Different Contractual Employees of PBSSM

Revised Remuneration of Contractual Employee under SSA



Ref. No.:                                                                                             Date:


  1. The State of West Bengal

Service through the Chief Secretary;

Government of West Bengal;

At: “Nabanna”; 325, Sarat Chatterjee Street;

Shibpur; Howrah-711102.


  1. The Secretary/Jt. Secretary,

School Education Department (Primary/Elementary Education Branch);

Government of West Bengal;

Bikash Bhawan; 6th Floor; Salt Lake City; Kolkata-700091.


  1. The Director of School Education;

Government of West Bengal;

Bikash Bhawan 2nd Floor;

Salt Lake City; Kolkata-700091.


  1. The State Project Director;

Paschim Banga Sarba Shiksha Mission (Now Samagra Shiksha);

Government of West Bengal;

Bikash Bhawan 2nd Floor;

Salt Lake City; Kolkata-700091.


  1. The President;

West Bengal Board of Primary Education;

Acharya Prafulla Chandra Bhavan;

DK 7/1; Sector-II; Salt Lake; Kolkata – 700091


  1. The Union of India;

Service through the Joint Secretary to the Government of India;

Ministry of Education;

Department of School Education and Literacy; (IS.8 Section);

107A-D, Shastri Bhawan; New Delhi-110001.



  1. Shri Rajib Kumar Sen

Sr.  Advisor (WCD & Education)

Niti Aayog; Government of India;

Room No. 264; Sansad Marg Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110001



Subject: Legal Notice


RE: Amelioration from all financial disputes & deprivation and absorption/regularization of the BRC/CLRC Coordinators and CRC Coordinators (Shiksha Bandhus) in the regular cadre/employment of Education Department, Government of West Bengal, ending the SUBTERFUGE status of “Contractual Employee” – a long felt legitimate demand.


My Clients:  Shri Sankar Sarkar, aged about 50 years, Son of Late Sourendranath Sarkar,   resident of Village: Nowpara; Post Office: Basuri; P.S. Haripal; District: Hooghly; West Bengal; PIN Code-713403, employed as SHIKSHA BANDHU (BRC/CLRC/CRC Coordinator as per Government of India nomenclature of Designation) in the Upper Primary level of __________ CLRC, Hooghly,


And                 Shri Nanda Dulal Mukhopadhyay,  aged about 52 years, Son of Late Bibhabasu Mukhopadhyay,   resident of Village: Moutorh; Post Office: Moutorh; P.S. Raghunathpur; District: Purulia; West Bengal; PIN Code-723145, employed as SHIKSHA BANDHU (BRC/CLRC/CRC Coordinator as per Government of India nomenclature of Designation) in the Primary level of __________ CLRC, Purulia.


Dear Madam(s)/Sir(s),


Having gone through the issues being faced by my clients captioned as above, who actually represent a few others of themselves belonging in their class suffering from the common cause of action, I address you as under through this notice of “Demand for Justice” on behalf of and under instruction from my above said clients:


  1. That my clients have been engaged/appointed directly by the Government of West Bengal through due selection process comprising of Written Tests and Viva-voce/Interview against sanctioned vacant posts of Shiksha Bandhu (in other state known by other befitting designations) for augmenting and achieving Universalization of Elementary Education as mandated by the 86th amendment to the Constitution of India ensuring free and compulsory education to the children of 6 to 14 years age group as their fundamental right and to eradicate illiteracy from the country.


  1. That my clients were engaged in different times/dates following the first such engagement of Shiksha Bandhus in April 2007, initiated by an order No. 452-SE(Pry)/(P)SSA-7/2002 dated the 13th July, 2006 of the School Education Department (Primary Branch), Government of West Bengal.


  1. That initially the duties and responsibilities to be discharged by a Shiksha Bandhu were elaborated in 15-point list under an Order issued by the District Project Officer, Sarva Shiksha Mission, Purba Medinipur, vide Memo No. 1501/SSM dated 12.10.2007, accompanied with an Hand Book for Shiksha Bandhus issued by the State Project Director, as available in hand, and the same was true for all other Shiksha Bandhus in other districts also as evident from many of them which need not be elaborated further for the sake of brevity.


  1. That over the years for last sixteen years the duties, roles & responsibilities, workload, integrity and belongingness of the Shiksha Bandhus have increased manifold the extent of which is available in Annexure-I of the Order No. 886-SE(Pry)/PBRPSUS/ADMN/9/04-05 (Pt.II) dated 16.11.2010, a one-and-half decade ago visualization of the School Education Department, Government of West Bengal.


  1. That with the present number of 1 Crore 62 Lakh 17 Thousand 7 hundred and 74 students enrolled as on 15.02.2023,  [Source: Memo No. 51/PBSSM-17011/4/2022-MIS SEC (Part-1) Dated: 15 /02/2023, issued by the State Project Director, Paschim Banga Samagra Shiksha Mission], the Shiksha Bandhus, dwindled from 4200 to 2039 numbers only, take the responsibility of approximately 8000 (eight thousand) students on an average per head and this is no mean task. A draft report in the form of a composite comparative study submitted in June 2011 by the Committee  to Suggest Indicative Operational and Revitalization of Sub-District Level Resource Centers (BRCs and CRCs) to the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India [available at]  is an eye-opener to the sordid state of affairs pertaining to the remuneration status of Shiksha Bandhus in West Bengal in particular.


  1. That my clients and the members of the class they are appearing to represent do almost all the jobs regularly which are necessary to keep the Elementary Education activities of the government going. The jobs of the Shiksha Bandhus are routinely continuing daily round work insofar as the activities of the Elementary Education Department are also permanent process. The Shiksha Bandhus do very other special works which can be grouped in the following manner:


  1. Regular Clerical Jobs: Collection, preparation & cooking of Data which are latterly transmitted by MIS Coordinator to different higher-ups. In absence of any Gr.-C or Gr.-D staff in many CLRCs such clerical jobs are done by none other than Shiksha Bandhus only;


  1. Administrative and Statistical Jobs: In the Circle Level Resource Centres (CLRCs) or Rlock Resource Centers (where there is only one Circle in a Block, the said Unit is Block Resource Center – BRC, instead of CLRC), the Shiksha Bandhus (CLRC Coordinators) are just below the Sub-Inspector of Schools in matters of coordinations, Book Distributions, Keeping Teachers’ Leave Record, arrangement and conducting of various Trainings, Checking UDISE+ etc.


  • Inspection & Supervising: The CLRC/BRC Coordinators and the CRC Coordinators do Inspection and Supervising jobs to oversee & ensure the smooth functioning of Primary/Elementary Education activities as per Memo of their Job Description. The CRC Coordinators represent the Sub Inspector of School in the VEHC/School Managing Committee.


  1. Pedagogical: As per the Order under Memo No. 886-SE(Pry)/PBRPSUS/ADMN/9/04-05 (Pt.II) dated 16.11.2010, of the School Education Department, Government of West Bengal, the Shiksha Bandhus hold, organize and act as Resource Persons in Scholastic and Instructional jobs for Pedagogical Training for the Teachers. Shiksha Bandhus take Training from District Project Office (DPO), SSM and impart Training at CLRC to the Teachers. This is evident in Sub-head Teachers training (pedagogy) of the major head 3. Shiksha Bandhu incorporated in the aforementioned Annexure-I titled as Duties and responsibilities of the Para Teachers, VRPs and Shiksha Bandhus.


  1. Financial Powers and Responsibilities: CLRC Coordinator Shiksha Bandhus sign in the Note Sheets prepared and originated in the CLRC and they are the compulsory Signatories in the Bank Cheques of all values. The powers of Drawing and Disbursement Officer (DDO) given to Shiksha Bandhus distinguish them from other staff of the CLRC office. He or she operates Bank Account up to Rs. 10,000/- jointly with the Sub-Inspector of School (Circle Project Coordinator-CPC) and jointly with SI and Block Development Officers (BDO) for expenses above Rs. 10,000/-. Thus crores of rupees are disbursed/spent under the joint responsibility of the CLRC Coordinator Shiksha Bandhus in the State.


  1. Besides the important jobs done regularly, mentioned as above, the Shiksha Bandhus are trusted workforce of the government for implementing various peoples’ welfare oriented programs of the government, some of which are Student Credit Card Scheme, Sabuj Sathi, Kanyashri and Shikshashri projects to name a few. Even the Shiksha Bandhus are subjected to work with the Private or Non-government organizations also for the sake of bringing in positive change in Elementary Education in the State. They are entrusted with the work of Census. Election and Covid-19 Pandemic related duties also.


  1. That the clients abovenamed and the class they are appearing to represent are actually Education Coordinators and they are known by such designation in other States. Their Designations are Assistant Sub-Inspector, BRC/CLRC/CRC Coordinators which are their true identity and they are worth of it. Memo No. 372/MIS/PBSSM/91/2010-11 dated 13.09.2010 issued to all District and Council Project Officers, SSM by the State Project Director, PBSSM the Master List certifying Shiksha Bandhus posted in CRCs and CLRCs have been assigned the designation of CRC Coordinator at CRC level and CLRC Coordinator at the respective CLRCs. Similarly, an Email dated 10.10.2013 from SPO, SSM, West Bengal < > to all the district heads have had given a clarification about CRC Coordinator by intimating & confirming that for the purpose of UDISE Shiksha Bandhus (are) treated as CRC Coordinator. It is objected that the Government cannot be opportunist in the use of Designation when it suits to its purpose only and deprive & demoralize the concerned employees by stripping out the correct designation.
  2. That
  3. Shiksha Bandhu – Good Worker Tag and holds Superior position in the hierarchy, PGI .
  4. No more Contractual Worker, not even a Project Staff. The Center has removed the Mission or Project tags.
  5. 60-40% absent. If 60% Central component is Rs.11270/- then with the 40% State Component or Rs. 7513/-, the total Payment comes to Rs. 18783/-.
  6. Gratuity back calculation. (x/26).15.15=300000. Therefore, x= 34666/-.(Monthly Salary). – Fund siphoning and/or Diversion.
  7. Several representations have not worked.
  8. No Affidavit-in-opposition to numerous court orders. Apathetic attitude.
  9. Late coverage of PF in violation of PF Act and Rules.
  10. 141



Arrears calculated on the basis of recalculated remuneration as per prevailing Center-State ratio starting from joining.

PF from the date of becoming permanent in 2010.

Change in Designation

Placement in proper Scale of Pay with Grade Pay

To bring under the Service Rule.

Enhancement of retirement age as per rule 76. (a) of the WB Service Rules, Part-I, Chapter 10, as applicable for a Gr.-D post.


Keep aside forthwith 60% component of Center’s contribution.



Now, therefore, consequent upon the facts & circumstances of the case I, through this humble notice, call upon you to immediately intervene & act in adherence of Article 14 and 16 of the Indian Constitution and resolve the matter positively by fulfilling the moral & legal requirements & obligation as mentioned hereinabove and doing the needful to enable my clients get a permanent status in their employment being regularized with Pay Scale and Grade Pay as per norms. I, on behalf of my clients and under instruction from them like to emphasize that going for a strenuous legalistic solution is not at all warranted. You are, therefore, requested to do the needful within fifteen days reckoned from the date of receiving this notice, failing which, please note, my clients would most reluctantly be compelled to adhere to the process of law against you and concerned Government Authorities / Departments / Ministries without any further reference and in that unwarranted event the cost, consequences and liabilities will lie upon you.

Yours faithfully,

(Harisankar Chattopadhyay)





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