Summative Evaluation 2024


Summative Evaluation 2024 and Madhyamik (S.E.) Test 2025

 December 27, 2023

Summative Evaluation 2024 & Madhyamik Test 2025

Summative Evaluation from class VI to class X for the academic session 2024 and Selection Test for Madhymik Parikha (S.E) 2025 in the all recognised Government / Government Sponsored / Government unaided Schools in West Bengal including all Junior, High, Secondary and Higher Secondary under West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.

  • Download Schedules for Summative Evaluation and M.P. Selection Test 2025
  • Mark distribution and Syllabus for Summative Evaluation
  • Summative Evaluations 2024 in Primary Schools


Notification of Summative Evaluations and Selection Test

The Deputy Secretary (Academic), W B Board of Secondary Education

No. D.S(Aca)/588/A/25/4 

 Date: 20.12.2023

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As directed, the Heads of all recognised Schools under WBBSE (West Bengal Board of Secondary Education) are being information that all schools must follow the following schedule of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Summative Evaluations for the academic session 2024 and Selection Test for Madhymik Pariksha (Secondary Education) 2025. Each and every school must prepare the question papers of their own and mention the name of the Institution at the top of the Question Paper. Head of the Institutions of all the schools recognised by WBBSE are earnestly requested to mandatorily adhere to the division of syllabi, distribution of marks and model structure of sample question given in the website  while framing the Summative question papers for class VI (Six) to class X (Ten). The Summative question paper should be formulated keeping the expected learning outcomes in mind. The evaluation process should thus be a tool to measure to what extent the expected learning outcome has been achieved. The evaluations for class VI (Six) to class X (Ten) will be on the entire syllabus.

Schedule of Summative Evaluation/ Selection Test for M.P (S.E) from class VI-X

Name of the Evaluation Class Schedule
1st  Summative Evaluation VI to X will be held not before 1st April 2024 and to be completed within 9th April 2024
2nd Summative Evaluation VI to X will be held not before 1st August 2024 and to be completed within 8th August 2024
3rd Summative Evaluation VI to X will be held not before 28th November 2024 and to be completed within 10th December 2024
3rd Summative Evaluation or Selection Test for M.P. (S.E.) 2025  X will be held not before 21st November 2024 and to be completed within 30th November 2024

Compliance to the aforesaid policy of the WBBSE is binding upon all schools.

N.B: No Summative Evaluation for class VI-X/ Selection Test for Madhyamik Pariksha (S.E) shall be scheduled on Sectional Holidays.

Sd/-Rhitabrata Chatterjee

Deputy Secretary (Academic)

W B Board of Secondary Education

Date: 20.12.2023


Mark distribution and Syllabus for Summative Evaluation

Sl No  Tropics/Purpose  Download Pdf
1. C.C.E System for Class V-VIII  CCE System

(Click here)

2. Mark Distribution for Class IX-X Mark  Distribution

(Click here)

3. Details of 1st Summative Evaluation 1st S.Evaluation

(Click here)

4. Syllabus of Class IX-X Syllabus

(Click here)

 5. Syllabus of Class V to Class X

(Chapter wise Topic with Marks distribution)


(Click here)

6. Pre-Primary (P.P) to Class-V Syllabus

(Click here)

 7. Summative Evaluation

Syllabus Class V to Class X


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Summative Evaluations 2024 in Primary Schools (Coming Soon)

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