Monthly Treasury Account Submission Online via IFMS

Family pension of unmarried, widowed, or divorced daughters upon reaching the age of 25.

 The ceiling on the AA limit for all RIDF/WIF works has been withdrawn.

Pension cases must be submitted with the appropriate seal or stamp on the pension paperwork to the Office of the Principal A.G. (A&E), WB.

The West Bengal Revenue Service (WBRS) Cell’s functions

Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s “Prakash Purab” is a sectional holiday.

Interest Rate for General Provident Fund from January 1, 2024, to March 31, 2024

Relief/Dearness Allowance at 4% of Base Pay beginning in January 2024


Loans and Advances of State Government for 2023-2024

Declaration of Public Holidays in 2024 under N.I. Act, 1881

Issuance of Uniform Format of Certification in favour of Pensioners

Extension of Panel of Valuation Agencies

Revision of Pension/ Family Pension of (Pre-01.01.2016) Pensioners

 Incorporation of Deduct Recoveries Heads of Account in GRIPS

Relaxation of Typing Test during Compassionate Appointment

Celebration of Parshwanath’s Rathajatra, 2023

Holiday List for West Bengal Government Employees, 2024

Bank Guarantee Repository System (BGRS) by ICICI Bank

Interest Rate on General Provident Fund (01.10.2023 to 31.12.2023)

Project Clearance Committee will examine before according AAFS

State Government Holiday on Account of Karam Puja, 2023

Enhancement of Ceiling on Gratuity Payment under Gratuity Act

Revised DFPR of Administrative Department for according AAFS

Constitution of West Bengal Revenue Service

Medical Benefits for Pensioner/ Family Pensioner

Revision of AAFS Standards for RIDF/WIF Projects

GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto April, 2024

GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto January, 2024

GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto October, 2023

GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto July, 2023

GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto April, 2023

GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto January, 2023

An increase in the “dependent” income ceiling for family pension purposes

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