CCE Model in West Bengal

CCE Model in West Bengal

CCE model of schools in West Bengal, Requisition of report on CCE for Summative Evaluation, 2018, latest News, Download PDF

 The evil effect of Pass-Fail

Requisition of report on CCE for 3rd. Summative Evaluation, 2018
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Reporting on CCE Model, West Bengal

 Students who fail to pass the written test, CCE is raising questions

Questions are now being raised about whether CCE (Continuous Overall Assessment) is working properly. This is because the difference in the number of Formative and Summative Evaluations of the school at the Upper-primary level has created considerable doubts about the Quality of Education. Because, in the Formative Test, the students got 60-65 percent marks on the total marks, but in the Summative, that number stands below 25 percent. Shikshamahal is worried about why this is happening. Up to the eighth grade, he got the same number and went up to the next class, but after going to the Secondary Level, he is drowning.
There are numbers on Formative Evaluation i.e. student participation, creativity, aesthetics etc. The total number of this test is 20. The Summative Assessment is done three times. It has numbers 15, 25 and 60 respectively. These tests are basically in written form. And that is why the students are practically stumbling. This picture has emerged in many such schools in the state. And all those students are going up to Higher Classes due to lack of Education due to not passing. It is to be mentioned that Hindu school has recently failed 24 students in ninth class. According to the Education Department, the students have been promoted in the lower classes without giving importance to the Examinations. But whenever the pressure of the test increased, they absolutely fell face down.  
As can be seen in the Marksheet of some seventh graders of a Government school in Nadia, they got 16 out of 20 marks in three Formative Examinations and 20 out of 20 marks in some of them. But in the written test or Summative Evaluation they got one number. All in all, they are going to the next class with 200 marks in Tenetun. A similar trend has been observed in some schools in the Diamondharbor area. In some schools there is a more terrible situation. The students did not get even 25% marks in the written test. As a result, they are going to the next class effortlessly due to not having a pass-fail.
But here comes another question. If so, is CCE not being implemented properly ? Or are the teachers silently fulfilling the rules of CCE ? Although teachers have been trained on CCE, some in the Education community feel the need to monitor how effective it is. As a result, some are demanding that a monitoring team be appointed for this training in the future. Then at least the teachers will not work kindly. According to many, the quality of education is now declining. Since there is no pressure on pass-fail, teachers do not insist on it.

The Department of Education asked for an Examination report to review the Assessment system in the school

The school needs to monitor the Assessment system. Every school has to send the report along with the result of the Examination to the School Education Department. To this end, the Secretary of the Department has issued a notification and sent it to every District Inspector. He also instructed the District Inspectors and school inspectors to regularly monitor the Examination Evaluation System. But there are various reasons as to why the secretary suddenly called for a report on the Evaluation (মূল্যায়ন) of school Examinations (স্কুল-পরীক্ষা). However, Secretary Manish Jain has already mentioned how many days it will take to send the report. The letter was sent to the schools as soon as it reached the District Inspector. 


The second Summative Evaluation was held in the first week of August, the letter said. The third Summative Evaluation is scheduled to take place between the end of November and the first week of December. Therefore, the report of the second committee should be sent by the second week of September and in the case of the third committee, the report should be sent by the last week of December. In other words, it is clear from this notification of the secretary that the School Education Department is showing a strict attitude to review how the Examination process is being conducted, evaluated or how it is being done in the schools. 


However, the District Level (জেলা-স্তর) administrative officials (প্রশাসনিক কর্মকর্তা) are confused as to why this decision has been taken. Some of them say that according to the rules of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the Evaluation process in schools should be monitored from time to time. Since then, the Education Department may have issued such a notification. On the other hand, continuous comprehensive Evaluation is not going well in schools. The Government wants to know where there are gaps. However, it is learned that this issue was not discussed at the grassroots level.


What is Shiksha mahal saying about this? Parimal Bhattacharya, Headmaster of Jadavpur Vidyapeeth, said it was good to review. But teachers need to be well trained in the Evaluation system. Otherwise, it will be useless to review. On the other hand, Saugat Basu, General Secretary of the Government School Teachers’ Association, said it was a good initiative. But is it possible to preserve the information of so many students in each school? Otherwise this objective will not be successful.

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