Guidelines for Appointment and Confirmation Part


Guidelines for Appointment and Confirmation Part


  1. Entries for appointments are to be made in chronological order, if there is more than one appointment. Change(s) in Group, Post and Designation due to promotion is/are required to be entered in this part. Change in pay due to promotion with other details (viz. Type of Promotion,Date of Effect, ROPA/CPC, Old Pay Band, New Pay Band etc.) are required to be entered in the Promotion tab of e-Service Book.
  2. At first, click on the “Modify” link to enter appointment details- Service Type, Parent Department, Name of the Cadre and Group are pre-filled. Please, enter rest of the information. If the name of your Cadre has been changed vide Govt. Order you can record the same by selecting the option Change in the Name of Cadre in the field Mode of Recruitment. In the next three fields you are required to enter Order No, OrderDate and Date of effect of such change in the name of your Cadre.
  3. Click on the button Insert Data for entering any other appointment details as mentioned in point no. 1 or for entering the initial name of your cadre to which you were appointed, if the Name of your Cadre has already been changed as mentioned in point no: 2 above.
  4. Click on the button ‘Insert Data’ in the Confirmation Section to enter data relating to confirmation of
  5. If service has not yet been confirmed,entries in respect of confirmation are not required to be
  6. In the “Remarks” field of confirmation section satisfactory completion of conditions for service confirmation may be entered as per authenticated service book.
  7. Click on the“Check for Errors”button to find errors and corrective measures to be taken there on.
  8. Please rectify errors before proceeding further. Incase, rectification of any error is beyond the scope of an employee then the same will be rectified by the approver of e-Service Book after receiving the same. You can forward your e-Service Book along with such error(s) with remarks.
  9. After filling up all fields and necessary corrections,click on ‘Save’
  10. Add Additional Note link is an optional field for communication between employee and Approver of e-Service Book. Entry in this link will not be reflected in the e-Service Book.




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