West Bengal Primary Education (Teachers and Employees DCRB) Rules, 2008


West Bengal Primary Education (Teachers and Employees DCRB) Rules, 2008






Government of West Bengal
School Education Department
Bikash Bhavan, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091

1467-SE(Law)/PL/5S-174/07, Dated 05.08.2008


West Bengal Primary Education (Teachers and Employees Death cum Retirement Benefit) Rules, 2008 is applicable for approved teaching and non teaching staff of the Government or Government Aided or Sponsored Training Institutions for Primary Teachers, approved employees of District School Councils or District School Board, approved teaching and non teaching staff of Govt. sponsored Free Primary Schools and Junior Basic or Pre-Basic or Pre-Primary or Nursery Schools taken over from Municipalities and brought under the Scheme of West Bengal Urban Primary Education Act, 1963.

Chapter – I (Preliminary)

  • Short title
  • Application
  • Definitions

Chapter – II (Pension)

  • Classification of Pensions
  • Eligibility for Pension
  • Compensation Pension
  • Invalid Pension
  • Superannuation Pension
  • Retiring Pension
  • Commencement of Pension
  • Determination of date of birth
  • Qualifying Service
  • Effect of dismissal or removal or resignation
  • Date of Retirement
  • Pension Sanction Authority
  • Rate of Pension
  • The rate of dearness Pension
  • Provisional Pension
  • Right to withhold Pension in certain cases
  • Withholding of Pension and dearness pension in case of convictions and misconduct
  • Recovery of dues before sanctioning pension

Chapter – III (Gratuity)

  • Gratuity
  • Provisional Gratuity

Chapter – IV (Provisions relating to death gratuity and family pension)

  • Death Gratuity
  • Nomination
  • Family Pension
  • Family Pension at Normal rate
  • Family Pension at enhanced rate
  • Period during which family pension is admissible
  • Grant of Family Pension to dependent disable son (s) or daughter (s) of the deceased pensioner
  • Date of effect of Family Pension
  • Family Pension payable to one member of the family
  • Family pension and retirement benefits against disappeared of employee
  • Procedure for payment of retirement benefits

Chapter – V (Commutation of Pension)

  • Commutation of Pension
  • Application for Commutation before retirement
  • Application for Commutation after retirement
  • Application for Commutation exceeding 61 years

Chapter – VI (Miscellaneous)

  • Transfer of Pensionary benefit from one Treasury of India to another
  • Application of West Bengal Service Rules
  • Interpretation
  • Relaxation
  • Repeal and Savings
  • Form 1: To be sent to the directorate of Pension, Provident Fund and Group Insurance, West Bengal by 31st January/ 31st July.
  • Form 2: Notice for Retirement on Superannuation
  • Form 3: Formal Application for Pension/ Family Pension
  • Form 4: Application Form for Commutation of Pension
  • Form 5: Specimen Signature
  • Form 6: Photographs
  • Form 7: Death Certificate
  • Form 8: Nomination of Death cum Gratuity
  • Form 9: Nomination for Lifetime arrear of Pension
  • Form 10: Declarations
  • Form 11: Statement for Commutation
  • Form 12: Sanction of Pension and Gratuity
  • Form 13: Option Form
  • Form 14: Pay Certificate
  • Form 15: Liability/ No Liability Certificate
  • Form 16: Order of the Pension Sanctioning authority
  • Form 17: Calculation Sheet
  • Form 18: Forwarding of Pension Papers to the Director of Pension, PF and GI.
  • Form 19: Medical Certificate
  • Form 20: Application for drawing Pensionary benefit from Treasury outside the State of West Bengal
  • Form 21: By Treasury Officer
  • Form 23: Checklist



No. 1467-SE dated 05.08.2008


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