Application Format for Child Care Leave (C.C.L)


Application Format for Child Care Leave, this Child Care Leave for two years (including leave not due After 740 days for Child Care Leave ) to all female State Government employees, download blank application for sanction of C.C.L.
Application Format for Child Care Leave

Application for sanction of Child Care Leave (C.C.L) vide Rly. Bd’s Letter No. E/P&AII 2006, CFC/LE S Dated 23/10 and MP/NDLS letter No. 432-E/GCPC/Child Care leave 08/E. To be submitted this Application before 15 days of availing Child Care Leave.
1. Children should be below 18 years up to the date of  availing Child Care Leave.
2. The Child Care Leave be admissible for two eldest surviving children only.
3. Child Care Leave can be sanctioned by an authority competent to grant.
4. Child Care Leave is admissible for 730 day only during their ensure notice for taking care of up to two children in more than one spell.
5. Employees cannot proceed on Child Care Leave without prior proposal approval of the leave by the leave sanctioning authority.
6. Consequently Saturday, Sunday, Gazetted holidays etc. during the period of leave would also count for Child Care Leave , as the case of earned leave.
Download PDF (Click here)
Application Format for Child Care Leave (C.C.L)
Download PDF (Click here)








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