Revised Option in Schedule-IV under WBSROPA Rules, 2019
Guidelines of SIDBI Cluster Development Fund (SCDF)
GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto October, 2023
Procedure of Credit of Interest by DPPG, WB into GPF of Gr. D Employees
Option in Schedule-IV under WBSROPA Rules, 2019
Interest Rate on General Provident Fund (01.07.2023 to 30.09.2023)
Introduction of Some New Facilities in HRMS
Guidelines for Non-Government Institutions Provident Fund Module
Introduction of Non-Govt. Institutions Provident Fund (NGIPF) Module
Celebration of Doctor’s Day, 2023
Panchayat General Election on 8th July, 2023
Monthly Rate of Cleaning of Office Equipment, 2023
Modalities of Receipt of Funds into Deposit Accounts through GRIPS
                                                                    Interest Rate on SDRF and SDMF for 2022-2023
Enhancement of GST rate against Tax Invoice or any Receipt Voucher
Enhancement of Cashless Limit for IPD Treatment in Pvt Hospital
Awarding AMC / CMC to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Employment on Compassionate ground in HRMS
Age Proof Certificate for Payment of Additional Quantum of Family Pension
Holiday on the Occasion of Jamai Shasthi, 2023
No Leave during Pen-Down Strike from 22.05.2023
Punctuality in Attendance in Government Office – Tiffin Break
GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto July, 2023
Family Pension cases to be routed/ sent through proper channel
Ceiling of Rs. 5 Lakh on Subscription in General Provident Fund
Creation of Centre for Fiscal Policy and Public Finance under WBPFMRP
Revised Financial Power for Sanctioning Cost of Medical Treatment
Financial Power to Accept Tenders with less than 3 bidders
West Bengal Registration (Filing of True Copies) Rules, 1979
West Bengal Registration Rules, 1962
Amendment of Rule 47 of WBFR regarding Office Vehicle
Financial Power for Sanctioning any Extra Item, Deviation in Quantity
Financial Power for according Administrative Approval
Applicability of WBFR for Procurements in Parastatals
Restriction on Transfer of Fund from Scheme Head to Bank Accounts
Technical Vetting Power of the Engineers under Panchayat
Amendment of Rule 47(9)(b) of WBFR due to Introduction of GST
Advertisement and Publicity Expenses by I&CA – Financial Power
Re-delegation of Financial Powers delegated by Finance
Revised Financial Power for Sanctioning Cost of Treatment
Financial Powers Delegated to DGP, West Bengal
West Bengal Panchayat (Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samiti) Accounts and Financial Rules, 2003
Bid Evaluation Committee and Financial Information of the Bidders
Substitution of Rule 47(9)(b) of West Bengal Financial Rules
Financial Power for Sanctioning Cost of Medical Treatment
Delegation of Financial Power to Grant Subsidy in Transport
Amendment of Rule 177 of WBFR regarding Tenders
Financial Power for Procurement of Drug, Equipment and Other Hospital Consumables
Amendment of West Bengal Financial Rules
Delegation of Financial Power to 15 Departments
Amendment of Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1977
Selection of TA for PPP and Delegation of Financial Power
Delegation of Financial Power to Release States Matching Share
Delegation of Financial Power to 14 Departments
Investment in Term Deposit by State Government Institution
Delegation of Financial Power for Office Rent
Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 1977
Operation and Maintenance of Bank Accounts with Govt. Fund
Delegation of Financial Power of Engineering Wings
Financial Power of Engineer Officers
Maintenance of Cash Book
Government Accounting Rules
West Bengal Financial Rules


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