Health and Family Welfare Department

Health and Family Welfare Department


Notification Subject
HFW-40099 dt. 30.12.2022 Different Services to All Patients attending at District Hospitals
HF-215 dt. 27.12.2022 Hospital Level Fire Safety Committee in West Bengal
HFW-371 dt. 28.11.2022 Implementation of Tele Mental Health Programme in West Bengal
308-Secy dt. 11.11.2022 Measles Rubella Vaccination Campaign in West Bengal, 2023
A6175 dt. 02.11.2022 Engagement of Government Doctors in Private Clinical Establishments
273-Secy dt. 14.10.2022 Responsibilities of RBSK-MHT under School Eye Screening Programme
211-Secy dt. 16.08.2022 Overhauling Cataract Surgeries Mechanism at Government Hospitals
HFW-23099 dt. 14.07.2022 Posting of Indemnity Bonded Open PG students under WBUHS, 2022
160-Secy dt. 30.06.2022 Rising Number of COVID cases in West Bengal
HF-594 dt. 21.06.2021 WBHS for the Beneficiaries of Grant-in-Aid Colleges and Universities
HFW-1727 dt. 17.06.2021 Revised Comprehensive Incentive Package for ASHAs, 2021-22
HPH-133 dt. 20.05.2021 Setting up of Control Room for upcoming Super Cyclone YASH
CE-2280 dt. 04.05.2021 Increase 40% Bed Strength in Private Nursing Homes/ Hospitals
H-PW-779 dt. 30.09.2000 West Bengal Registration of Births and Deaths Rules, 2000
HF-3085 dt. 01.04.2020 Insurance Policy For Persons Deployed For COVID-19 Related Duties
HFW-131 dt. 24.03.2020 Essential Services excluded from Complete Safety Restrictions
HFW-120 dt. 22.03.2020 Complete Safety Restrictions for Combating COVID-19
HF-3051 dt. 21.03.2020 Life Insurance for Staffs deployed for Management of COVID-19
HAD-863A dt. 20.03.2020 Cancellation of Leave of Employees under H&FW Department
HFW-118 dt. 16.03.2020 West Bengal Epidemic Disease, COVID-19 Regulations, 2020
No. 488 dt. 08.11.2019 Guidelines of Platelet Transfusion
HF-1384 dt. 13.09.2019 Enhancement of Contractual Remuneration of Senior Residents
HF-216 dt. 06.03.2018 Fixation of Post Graduate Trainee Reserve Strength of Doctors
HF-2656 dt. 24.08.2017 Clinical Establishment RC (Salary, Allowances and Procedure) Rules
HF-2603 dt. 21.08.2017 Clinical Establishment Registration, Regulation & Transparency Rules
H-746 dt. 27.07.2017 Use of Day-wise Coloured Bed Sheets in all Govt. Hospitals
301-L dt. 17.03.2017 Clinical Establishments Registration, Regulation & Transparency Act
HF-2979 dt. 28.10.2016 WBHS Recruitment to the post of Medial Officers Rules, 2016
4499-F dt. 26.08.2016 Rule 34A of WBSR – Resignation of Doctors
HHM-215 dt. 22.06.2016 Kayakalp Scheme for District and SD Hospitals
H-1111 dt. 20.06.2016 High Level Task Force to Reduce IMR and MMR
HPT-3210 dt. 14.06.2016 Permission to Appear in Interview by WBHRB
HPH-391 dt. 08.04.2016 Guidelines on Prevention and Management of Heat Stress/Stroke
HNG-357 dt. 07.04.2016 Mutual Transfer of Staff Nurses under Health Services
HHM-1926 dt. 30.03.2016 Keep Health Establishments Neat and Clean
HF-097 dt. 02.03.2016 State Level Committee for Swasthya Sathi
HPH-384 dt. 31.12.2015 Cataract Surgeries at Free of Cost in Govt. Hospitals
1549-L dt. 18.12.2015 West Bengal Allied-Medical and Para-Medical Council Act, 2015
HHM-254 dt. 16.10.2015 KAYAKALP Award, 2015 to District Hospitals
HF-275 dt. 05.10.2015 Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Science & Research – Fee Structure
HF-987 dt. 01.10.2015 Governing Body of the State Medical Faculty of West Bengal
H-5436 dt. 29.09.2015 Concern regarding Rising Caesarean Section (CS) Rates
HHM-192 dt. 08.09.2015 State and District Level Award Committee for Sushree Scheme
HF-806 dt. 14.08.2015 Transportation Charge and Certificate for Donating Body/ Eye
HF-212 dt. 10.08.2015 Supreme Court directed to Protect Bystander or Good Samaritan
CEO-100 dt. 07.08.2015 Guidelines for Treatment of Burn cases due to Acid Attacks
H-5235 dt. 27.07.2015 Free Medicines to all Pregnant Women before Discharge
HF-1798 dt. 23.07.2015 Re-Employment of 88 Ward Master in different Govt. Hospital
HF-612 dt. 20.07.2015 Collection of Tax at Source (TCS) is mandatory by DDO
HF-196 dt. 17.07.2015 Notification regarding Blood Bank in Hospitals
HFW-2107 dt. 08.07.2015 Registration of Newborns at the Facility within 48 hours
HIB-A224 dt. 30.06.2015 Guidelines for Effective Control and Management of Dengue
HF-543 dt. 22.06.2015 Mandatory Prescription of Drugs in Generic Name – Reminder
817-L dt. 19.06.2015 West Bengal State Dental Service (Amendment) Act, 2015
HAD/A4149 dt. 19.06.2015 Medical Officer’s Post Facto Approval is a Punishable Offence
CE-1100 dt. 16.06.2015 NOC for Organ Transplantation: Operation outside West Bengal
CE-1098 dt. 16.06.2015 NOC for Organ Transplantation – Operation in West Bengal
HNG-627 dt. 15.06.2015 New Protocol for Deployment of Staff Nurses in Hospitals
HF-140 dt. 10.06.2015 Set up an Institute of Public Health and Policy at Kalyani
HPT-A3919 dt. 08.06.2015 Promotion of Ward Master to Assistant Superintendent (NM)
HF-A3830 dt. 03.06.2015 No. of ACR required for awarding 8/16, 10/20 yrs CAS Benefit
HF-508 dt. 02.06.2015 West Bengal Health (Placement on Trainee Reserve) Rules, 2015
HPT-A3742 dt. 29.05.2015 Promotion of Ward Master to Assistant Superintendent (NM)
DME-75 dt. 25.05.2015 Precaution from Heat for OPD Patients in Hospitals
HIB-166 dt. 11.05.2015 Treatment Protocol for VL-HIV Kala-Azar co-infected cases
HIB-166 dt. 07.05.2015 Preventive Measures for Mosquito-genic Condition in W.B.
HF-825 dt. 24.03.2015 Re-employment of Ward Master in different Govt. Hospital
HF-73 dt. 19.03.2015 Level III Trauma Care Unit in West Bengal Hospitals
H-4305 dt. 18.03.2015 National Guidelines for Deworming in Pregnancy
DHS-S-08 dt. 10.03.2015 Free of Cost Medical Treatment for Victims of Court
DME-36 dt. 04.03.2015 All India Quota PG Medical/Dental Seats, 2015 – Counselling
SBTC-285 dt. 12.02.2015 Guidelines to prevent Misuse of Blood Donor Credit Cards
HPH-54 dt. 09.02.2015 District and Block Level Task Force for Kala Azar in W.B.
HF-144 dt. 09.02.2015 Fair Price Diagnostic Centres – Free Services to the Poor
HF/-132 dt. 05.02.2015 Setting up of Emergency Observation Ward in Govt. Hospitals
HPH-45 dt. 28.01.2015 Health Certificate for Pilgrims of Holi Amarnathji Yatra 2015
HF-13 dt. 28.01.2015 Mandatory Prescription of Combination Drugs in Generic Names
HPH-43 dt. 27.01.2015 State Level Task Force for Kala Azar in West Bengal
ME-131 dt. 20.01.2015 Departmental Promotion in WB Medical Education Service, 2015
HPH-29 dt. 19.01.2015 KALA AZAR is declared as Notifiable Disease in West Bengal
HNG-20 dt. 06.01.2015 National Florence Nightingale Nurses Award, 2015
HF-1163 dt. 17.12.2014 Additional Transport Allowance for RSBY Beneficiaries
H-3701 dt. 05.12.2014 Revised Operational Strategy for Oral Iron for Pregnant Women
HF-1514 dt. 18.11.2014 Two Year Course on “Diploma in Family Medicine” by Health Dte.
HF-539 dt. 13.11.2014 Operational Guidelines for Dialysis Units under Fair Price
HF/-990 dt. 27.10.2014 Campaign regarding Withdrawal of User Charges at Hospitals
HF-984 dt. 22.10.2014 Free Diagnostics, Pathology, Therapeutic & Surgeries and Beds
H-3502 dt. 17.10.2014 Provision of Safe Abortion Care Services
HF-387 dt. 29.09.2014 Executive Committee Meeting for DH&FWS and RKS in Districts
HPT-A6129 dt. 29.09.2014 Inclusion of Qualification of Group D Staff in Service Book
HAD-A6029 dt. 24.09.2014 Emergency Health Service during Puja Holidays, 2014
H-3393 dt. 22.09.2014 Observance of World Food Day (16th October, 2014)
1594-L dt. 19.09.2014 West Bengal Rural Health Regulatory Authority Act, 2009
HF-SPSRC dt. 16.09.2014 Composition of Governing Body of Rogi Kalyan Samiti
509-HD dt. 12.09.2014 One day awareness campaign to display Strength of “AYUSH”
HF-968 dt. 08.09.2014 State Level Implementation Committee, RSBY
2184 dt. 18.08.2014 Non-recognition of Degree from IAMR Institute at Thakurpukur
H-3231 dt. 14.08.2014 Job Description of RMNCH Counselor
WB/FMG/2 dt. 07.08.2014 Guidelines for Efficient Cash Management at Health Deptt.
HNG-788 dt. 25.07.2014 One-day Orientation Programme on “Nursing Management”
HF-2243 dt. 23.07.2014 Extension of Biometric System of recording Attendance
SHFWS-5140 dt. 22.07.2014 Ad-hoc Bonus to Contractual Employees under Health, 2013-14
HF-3306 dt. 17.07.2014 GPF and GISS Subscription – Change in Superannuation Age
HF-250 dt. 23.06.2014 Delegation of Financial Power Rules for Rogi Kalyan Samiti
HF-923 dt. 10.06.2014 Indemnity Bond by Post Graduate Trainee Doctor
HF-2900 dt. 04.06.2014 Free Diagnostic services under Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram
HF-675 dt. 30.05.2014 Enhancement of Superannuation Age in Health
SFWB-2826 dt. 14.05.2014 Single Dose of Vitamin A to all Post Natal Mothers
SFWB-2803 dt. 05.05.2014 Implementing Childhood Diarrhoea Control Campaign in 2014
MERT-457 dt. 24.04.2014 No Leave Sanction in Health Deptt during Heat Wave Situation
HF-445 dt. 11.04.2014 Name of Fair Price Medicine Shops offering Highest Discount
HF-404 dt. 07.04.2014 Financial Power for Procurement of Drug, Equipment and OHC
HF-45 dt. 04.04.2014 Prohibition of Sale for Gutkha and Panmasala
HPH-960 dt. 01.04.2014 Prevention and Combating ‘Heat Stress’
HF-382 dt. 01.04.2014 Training on Store Management Information System
HFO-585 dt. 01.04.2014 Admission of RSBY Beneficiaries in all Hospitals
HF-319 dt. 21.03.2014 Bond for Doctors undergoing PG and Post Doctoral Courses
HF-422 dt. 13.03.2014 Fair Price Diagnostic Scheme Monitoring Committee
SFWB-2579 dt. 11.03.2014 Information regarding Antenatal Clinic
HPH-936 dt. 06.03.2014 Clinical Laboratory for Primary and Secondary Care Hospitals
TDE-241 dt. 03.03.2014 Provide Full course of Medicine to OPD Patients at first visit
HF-462 dt. 26.02.2014 Manning by RSK member for management of RSBY Help Desk
HNG-158 dt. 12.02.2014 Recommendation for National Florence Nightingale Nurses Award
MA-244 dt. 11.02.2014 Deputation of Muslim doctors and Para Medical staffs for Haj 2014
SFWB-2409 dt. 10.02.2014 Providing Free Diagnostic to Pregnant Women and Sick Infants
HPA-800 dt. 10.02.2014 Guidelines for cases of Compassionate Appointment
S-136 dt. 13.01.2014 Treatment of Unauthorized Absence of all Staff in Hospital
HF-07 dt. 06.01.2014 Training of Medical Officers and Nursing personnel for CCU
SFWB-2178 dt. 02.01.2014 Operational Guidelines for functioning Special Newborn Care Unit
SFWB-2122 dt. 19.12.2013 Guideline on Utilization of Pregnancy Testing Kit at Sub-center
SFWB-2113 dt. 17.12.2013 Labour Room Protocol
HF-1510 dt. 13.12.2013 Guidelines for Safe and Clean (Aseptic) working in Operation Theatre
HF-358 dt. 04.12.2013 Establishment of PPP Fair Price Outlet at 19 Hospitals of West Bengal
SFWB-2035 dt. 03.12.2013 Provision of Quality Services for Safe Abortion – Maternal Health
HF-252 dt. 03.12.2013 Running of Hospital Management Information System Application
H-451 dt. 27.11.2013 Various staff under Adolescent Health Program and RBSK
HF-125 dt. 22.11.2013 Posting and Transfer Policy of Nursing Personnel in West Bengal
HF-355 dt. 21.11.2013 Fair Price Outlets under PPP for 20 Hospitals
HF-1379 dt. 13.11.2013 Measures for Improvement of Labour Room Practices
HF-1359 dt. 08.11.2013 Administrative Protocol to Follow for Better Patient Care Service
SFWB-1901 dt. 04.11.2013 Facility Based Maternal Care Policy Implementation Committee
HF-1318 dt. 30.10.2013 Online Counselling for Medical and Dental Admission to State Quota
HHM-414 dt. 30.10.2013 Implementation of the Quality Improvement Programme
SPSRC-201 dt. 10.10.2013 Guideline of 24×7 Health Helpline named Swasthya Bandhu
HNG-1279 dt. 10.10.2013 Uniform prescribed for Nursing Personnels under Health Services
HF-232 dt. 24.09.2013 Dental Service (Placement on Trainee Reserve) Rules, 2013
HNG-116 dt. 10.09.2013 Enhancement of Washing Allowance of Nursing Staff w.e.f. 01.08.13
HAV-386 dt. 19.08.2013 Submission of information regarding GPF interest on Gr.-D employees
HF-290 dt. 16.08.2013 Use of Govt Assets and Land to promote PPP in Medical Education
HF-281 dt. 12.08.2013 Fair Price Medicine Shops through PPP for 31 Hospitals
HHM-117 dt. 02.08.2013 Quality Assurance Programme in 6 District Hospitals
HF-912 dt. 31.07.2013 Doctors must work in West Bengal after Post Graduation
HF-278 dt. 30.07.2013 Fare Price Outlets under PPP for 52 Hospitals
S-100 dt. 25.07.2013 Nodal Officer of Fare Price Medicine Shop
HF-147 dt. 19.07.2013 Critical Care Unit Operational Guidelines
HPT/A dt. 11.07.2013 Annual Confidential Report of Group A Officers under Health Service
SFWB-1458 dt. 10.07.2013 Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram – Referral Support Protocol
HFW-1002 dt. 26.06.2013 Minimum Age of Mother under Janani Suraksha Yojana
HF-135 dt. 18.06.2013 State Nodal Officer for 24 x 7 Health Helpline
HF-132 dt. 17.06.2013 Creation of Database for 24 x 7 Health Helpline
HF-148 dt. 11.06.2013
HF-148 dt. 11.06.2013
Pay Structure of WBDES and WBDS Cadre after 25 years of Service
HFW-923 dt. 07.06.2013 Payment of JSY Benefit through A/c Payee Cheque
SFWB-912 dt. 05.06.2013 HMIS Report of Different Programmes under RCH
HNG-742 dt. 29.05.2013 Revised Job Responsibility of Nursing Personnel under WBNS
MA-1056 dt. 30.04.2013 Movement to pre-revised scale no. 19 for officers
HF-90 dt. 26.04.2013 Fixed Monthly Honorarium ASHAs
ME-616 dt. 25.04.2013 Guidelines for Recruitment of House-Staff
HF-146 dt. 23.04.2013 Prohibition Order – Gutkha and Pan Masala
HF-45 dt. 18.04.2013 Guideline for Preparedness on H1N1 Influenza in Govt Sector
A1820 dt. 02.04.2013 Online Entry of Bio-Data of Medical Officers
MA-701 dt. 22.03.2013 Temporary Deputation of Muslim Doctors and Para Medical Staff
H/TDE-198 dt. 07.03.2013 Procurement for Janani Sishu Suraksha Karyakram
HAD-499 dt. 26.02.2013 Health Certificate for Pilgrims of Holi Amarnathji Yatra
HF-377 dt. 25.02.2013 Temporary Deputation of Muslim Doctors and Para-Medical Staff
ACS-221 dt. 14.02.2013 Daily Wages Rate for Casual Drivers of BT Vans
H/TDE/67 dt. 18.01.2013 Mandatory Prescription of Drugs in Generic Names
HF-1133 dt. 25.09.2012 Restructuring of OPD and Emergency Departments
HF-2378 dt. 01.08.2012 West Bengal Health Recruitment Board
HFW-1834 dt. 23.07.2012 Revised Training Strategy for ASHAs
DHS/S-007 dt. 16.07.2012 Leave of Medical & Para Medical Staffs Cancelled
HF-879 dt. 12.07.2012 Restructuring of OPD and Emergency Departments
SFWB-713 dt. 29.06.2012 Reporting of performance under RCH by ULBs & JSY
HF-397 dt. 22.06.2012 Detection and Management of mentally ill patients at BPHC
HF-W-1 dt. 14.06.2012 Biometric Attendance System at Medical Colleges & Hospitals
HPH-128 dt. 07.06.2012 Guidelines to Combat Heat Wave in Summer
H/Gen-152 dt. 04.06.2012 Closure of Tribal Health Project on and from 01/07/2012
HF-935 dt. 21.05.2012 New Health Districts in West Bengal
2895-F dt. 05.04.2012 College Level Approval Committee for College/ Hospital
H/SFWB/332 dt. 30.03.2012 Non-Submission of daily report of Maternal & Infant Death
SFWB/263 dt. 14.03.2012 SMS reporting of Maternal, Infant death and Institutional Delivery
HAD/12M dt. 15.02.2012 Contractual/ Daily wage workers at Health & Family Welfare
H/TDE/26 dt. 10.01.2012 Procurement guideline for Janani Sishu Surakshya Karyakram (JSSK)
NRHM/215 dt. 03.01.2012 Clarification regarding deduction of HRA to GDMOs and Specialists
HF-3695 dt. 22.12.2011 Public Health and Administrative Service – Promotion Policy
A7366 dt. 15.12.11 Fire safety arrangements in Clinical Establishments
HF-3431 dt. 09.11.2011 Transfer Policy for Medical Officers
HF-1936 dt. 26.07.2011 Duty Hours of Medical Officers, Staffs providing Patient Care Service
HF-6389 dt. 24.12.2010 Medical Education Service (Recruitment to Teaching Posts) Rules, 2010
HF-770 dt. 31.05.2010 West Bengal State Dental Service (Option) Rules, 2010
HF-769 dt. 31.05.2010 WB State Dental Service (Cadre and Age of Retirement) Rules, 2010
HF-768 dt. 31.05.2010 Dental Service (Scale of Pay and Non-Practicing Allowances) Rules
630-L dt. 10.05.2010 West Bengal Yoga and Naturopathic System of Medicine Act, 2010
HF-303 dt. 08.12.2009 WB Nursing Personnel Placement on Trainee Reserve Rules, 2009
1423-L dt. 03.09.2009 Prevention of Violence and Damage to Property Act, 2009
8128-F dt. 19.08.2009 DDO of the H&FW Department
179-Home dt. 10.08.2009 Amendments to M.A. Rules of WB ex-Spl. Asstts. & ex-Confi. Asstt
6278-F dt. 29.06.2009 Recognition of Medical Research and Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.
5176-F dt. 15.06.2009 Sending of Application form for enrollment in Health Scheme
HF-1609 dt. 04.06.2009 Recruitment Rules of Assistant Superintendent (Non-Medical)
3400-F dt. 08.05.2009 Pay Fixation Procedure of Pharmacist as per CAS and MCAS
685-L dt. 05.05.2009 West Bengal State Dental Service Act, 2009
HAV/IFP dt. 02.04.2009 Changes in drawal head for meeting establishment expenditure
2312-F dt. 24.03.2009 Procedure of Pay Fixation of Nursing Staff for CAS-90 and MCAS-01
205-PAR dt. 07.04.2008 AIS (PAR) Rules 2007- Annual Check up for IAS Officers
880-PAR dt. 01.04.2008 Delegation of Power for Refund of Medical Expenses
1252-L dt. 01.08.2002 West Bengal State Ayurvedic Health Service Act, 2002
1251-L dt. 01.08.2002 West Bengal State Homoeopathic Health Service Act, 2002
H-779 dt. 30.09.2000 West Bengal Registration of Births and Deaths Rules, 2000
HPA/544 dt. 12.04.1993 Re-fixation of rate of Charges “Special Attendance”
MA/1503 dt. 30.05.1990 West Bengal Medical Education Service (Pay & Allowance) Rules, 1990
MA/1403 dt. 25.05.1990 West Bengal Medical Education Service Rules 1990
MA/1402 dt. 25.05.1990 West Bengal Medical Education Service Rules 1990

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