SED618-SE(EE)/10M-45/2021 Dated-29/12/2023 & 1815-SE dated 29/12/2022 29-12-2023Transfer Portal and process temporarily suspended till 30.06.2024 Download Link
WBBSED.S.(C)/241/23 29-12-2023Registration of Students of Class IX 2023 in time and Undertaking from HoI Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/265/2023 29-12-2023Notification Regarding Date Extension of Online Practical & Project Marks Entry/ Submission for H.S. Examination, 2024 Download Link
WB FINANCE (PENSION BRANCH)300-F (Pen)29-12-2023Issuance of Uniform Format of Certification in favour of Pensioners Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/266/202329-12-2023Notification Regarding Date Extension of Online Registration Checklist of Class-XI Submission till 02.01.2024 Download Link
WBBSED.S.(C)/240/2328-12-2023Notification regarding Integrity and Security of Madhyamik Pariksha 2024 Download Link
WB FINANCE (AUDIT BRANCH)6747-F(P2)/FA/O/1H-04/1226-12-2023Declaration of Public Holidays in 2024 under N.I. Act, 1881Download Link
WB FINANCE6747-F(P2)23-12-2023Declaration of Public Holidays under Section 25 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 Download Link
WBBSEDS(C)/237/2323-12-2023Notification Regarding District Nodal Advisory Committee Download Link
WBBSENo. D.S.(C)/236/2323-12-2023 N O T I F I C A T I O N : Leave in relation to Madhyamik Pariksha (SE) 2024 Download Link
WBBPE2369(48)WBBPE/202322-12-2023Request to circulate the guidelines for observation of Students' Week from 02nd January, 2024 to 08th January, 2024_0001 Download Link
WBBPE2363/WBBPE/2023/13T-08/202320-12-2023NOTICE-Regarding District-wise Helpline Numbers. Download Link
WBBSED.S.(Aca)/587/A/25/420-12-2023SECONDARY SCHOOLS HOLIDAY LIST FOR 2024 Download Link
WBBSED.S.(Aca)588/A/25/420-12-2023Schedule of Summative Evaluation 2024 Download Link
WBBSED.S.(Aca)/587/A/25/420-12-2023Academic Calendar 2024 and others Download Link
SED303/Admn/83/M&D/PBSSM19-12-2023Guidelines for observation of student 's week from 02.01.2024 to 08.01.2024 Download Link
WBBSED.S(Aca)/582/T/8419-12-2023Distribution of Test Papers (2023-24) Download Link
WBBSED.S.(C)/225/2318-12-2023Notification regarding School wise teachers information Download Link
WBMSCMSC/Notice/08/202315-12-2023Notice for Publication of Provisional General Transfer List 2023 Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/246/202315-12-2023Notification Regarding Date Extension of Online Enrollment till 23.12.23 Download Link
WBBPE2333/WBBPE/2023/13T-08/202315-12-2023NOTICE FOR DOWNLOADING ADMIT CARDS FOR TET-2023. Download Link
WB FINANCE (PPP CELL)6554-F(Y)14-12-2023Sub: Panel of Valuation AgenciesDownload Link
WBCHSEL/PR/242/202314-12-2023Regarding writer and extra time in HS Exam 2024 Download Link
WB FINANCE929-F(Pen) 12-12-2023Clarification in respect of cases of Pension/Family Pension of Pre 01.01.2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioner Download Link
WBBSED.S.(C)/215/202312-12-2023Notification regarding submission of teachers information Download Link
WBBME1916/Aca/2311-12-2023Holidays List of the Madrasahs for the year 2024Download Link
WBBSE388/Sec/Appt. Cell-A/2311-12-2023Submission of original medical reports with regard to candidates praying for confirmation Download Link
SEDSED - 1481 & 1480-LS/IC/889/LS/202108-12-2023Notice in terms of the order dated 06.12.23 of the Hon'ble DB, CHC passed in WPA 13700 of 2021 and other connected matters Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/219/2023 04-12-2023Notification Regarding Examination of Class XI and Marks Submission Download Link
WBCHSE L/PR/216/2023 30-11-2023Submission of Online Registration Checklist for Class XI is revised to 05.12.23 to 23.12.23 Download Link
WBBPE298/WBBPE/D.El.Ed./2023/07C-5/2023 28-11-2023Notification for Issuance of Digital Mark-sheets of D.El.Ed Part-I Examination for the Session Download Link
WB FINANCE6270-F(P2) 24-11-2023Relaxation of Typing Test during Compassionate AppointmentDownload Link
SED71/TT/DSE/1c/1358/LS/2022 24-11-2023Regarding uploading proper vacancies in Utsashree PortalDownload Link
WB FINANCE6211-F(P2)22-11-2023Celebration of Parshwanath’s Rathajatra, 2023Download Link
WBBSE370/Sec/Aptt-cell(A)/2322-11-2023Confirmation of teaching and non teaching employees follow up of Memo no D.S(Aca)/863/C/68 dated 11.12.20 Download Link
SED552-SED-13037/195/2022-ELEMN SEC 21-11-2023Memorandum for admission of children in elementary classes including Pre-primary in Govt./ Govt. Sponsored/ Aided Primary /Upper Primary/ High/ Higher Secondary Schools including SSK/MSK in A.Y. 2024Download Link
WBBME011/EXAM17-11-2023Notification For Rescheduling of Dates HM,ALIM & FAZIL Examination-2024Download Link
WBCHSEEST/608/202317-11-2023Notification Regarding Payment related to Project Notebook / Class XI Written Answer Sheet / Practical Test Booklet and Other document submission Download Link
WBBSE01/Gen/202310-11-2023Notice regarding 'Visiting Hours' in General Section of WBBSE, Derozio Bhawan Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/211/202310-11-2023Notification Regarding further extension of date of Online Registration form fill up with late fine and postponed date of checklist Download Link
WB FINANCE6112-F(P209-11-2023Holiday List for West Bengal Government Employees, 2024 Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/204/202309-11-2023Notification Regarding Data Updation in the Academic Database of listed SchoolsDownload Link
WBBSEDS(Aca)/530/S/90 07-11-2023 Requested not to conduct any Class Exam on 25.11.23 as SAS 2023 is proposed on the said date.Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/199/202307-11-2023 Notification Regarding H.S Practical & Project Examinations, 2024 (Bengali)Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/197/202306-11-2023Notification Regarding Conduction Of State Achievement Survey (SAS) 2023Download Link
WB FINANCE6010-F(Y)01-11-2023Bank Guarantee Repository System (BGRS) by ICICI BankDownload Link
WBCSSCNIL01-11-2023Link for downloading intimation letter for attending the CounsellingDownload Link
WBCSSCNIL01-11-2023Link for downloading list of schools for 1st Phase Counselling for 1st SLST(AT), 2016 for Upper-Primary LevelDownload Link
WBCHSEL/PR/194/202301-11-2023Notification Regarding Distribution Camp of the Deliverables on 29.11.23Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/193/202331-10-2023Notification Regarding Extension of Date for Online Registration of Class-XI up to 02.11.23Download Link
WBBME33/Pres/1/202330-10-2023Leadership development Programme for the Heads of H.S Madrasah & Fazil MadrasahsDownload Link
WBCHSEL/PR/192/202330-10-2023Uploading of documents related to ARTI/DTSC – Class XIDownload Link
WBCSSC 1060/6723(IV)/CSSC/ESTT/202318-10-2023Notice for 1st phase counseling of candidates of 1ST SLST, 2016 for recruitment of Assistant Teachers (Upper Primary) Download Link
SSA/SSM183(5)/Ped/01/SAS/PBSSM17-10-2023State Achievement Survey (SAS), 2023Download Link
WBBSE42/36/PBSSM/Plg./202317-10-2023Notification regarding Comprehensive School Safety and Security Programme Download Link
WB FINANCENo. 090-F(J)W.B12-10-2023Interest Rate on General Provident Fund (01.10.2023 to 31.12.2023)Download Link
WBCHSEEST/567/202311-10-2023Notification regarding Submission of Written Answer Script Class XI 2022&2023,Practical Note Book,Class XI and HS Exam-2022 and Other deliverables if any at the respective collection center Download Link
WBBSE329/Sec/2310-10-2023Notification regarding transfer order is kept on abeyance >Download Link
WBBSE329/Sec/2310-10-2023Notification regarding transfer order is kept on abeyance Download Link
WBBME1607/Aca/2309-10-2023Preparation of question papers for selection Test of Class X for High Madrasah and Alim Examination-2024 Download Link
WBBME1607/Aca/2309-10-2023Preparation of question papers for selection Test of Class X for High Madrasah and Alim Examination-2024 Download Link
WBBSE329/Sec/Appt-Cell/2306-10-2023Intimation to the candidates for collecting transfer order Download Link
WBBME1605/Aca/2306-10-2023Setting up Consumer Clubs in Colleges and Madrasahs of West Bengal Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/179/202306-10-2023Shifting to complete online mode for academic applicantions schedule on 30.10.023 Download Link
WBCHSEL/Secy/142/202306-10-2023Notification regarding Inclusion of new Board in Equivalence List Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/179/202306-10-2023Shifting to complete online mode for Academic Applications scheduled on 30.10.2023 Download Link
WBBSED.S(Aca)/495/S/10(A)/405-10-2023Regarding extension of provision for detention in respect of CWSN up to elementary level Download Link
WBBSED.S(Aca)/494/S/8(B)part file (II)04-10-2023Mental Wellbeing pf Teachers Survey Download Link
WB FINANCE5574-F (F)03-10-2023Project Clearance Committee will examine before according AAFS Download Link
WBBSED.S(Aca)/493/A/25/329-09-2023Regarding Selection Test for M.P (SE), 2024 Download Link
WBBSEAdmim/121227-09-2023Intimation to the listed candidates (Teaching and Non teaching for verification of testimonials Download Link
WBBSE46/Appt. Cell (B)/2327-09-2023Notification regarding Medical Examination of listed teachers (43 Nos.) Download Link
SSA/SSM149/Ped/PBSSM27-09-2023Survey regarding PEACOCK model under CCEDownload Link
WBCHSEL/PR/174/202327-09-2023Notification Regarding Vocational Subject Download Link
WBBPE1982(23)/WBBPE/202322-09-2023Notification regarding holiday on account of KARAM PUJA on 25 th september(MONDAY), 2023 Download Link
WBBSED.S.(C)/166/2321-09-2023Grant for each recognized High School under WBBSE towards facilitating the Examinees Madhyamik Pariksha (SE) 2024 Download Link
WBBSED.S(Aca)/485/S/10(A)/321-09-2023Regarding Holiday on account of Karam Puja on 25.09.2023 Download Link
WBBSE186/Pres/2321-09-2023Correction of Registration Certificates of Class IX (2022) Students of all Secondary Schools Recognized by WBBSE extended up to 4pm of 30.09.23 Download Link
WBCHSEL/Secy/138/202318-09-2023Notification Regarding submission of Academic applications only through Online portal Download Link
WB FINANCE5315-F(P2)/F A/N/2M/50/23(N.B)14-09-2023Guidelines for retirement benefits (the ceiling on gratuity has been enhanced) for the employees of certain State Government employees Download Link
WBBPE1945/WBBPE/202313-09-2023Notification pertaining to holding the Teacher Eligibility Test-2023 (TET-2023) (primary) in adherence to NCTE guidelines issued from time to time Download Link
WB FINANCE5263-F(P2)12-09-2023Notification for Holiday on the occasion of Karam Puja on 25th Sept. 2023 Download Link
SED907-Edn(U)/HED-12016(99)/15/2023-UNV05-09-2023 State Education Policy - 2023(BENGALI VERSION) Download Link
SED907-Edn(U)/HED-12016(99)/15/2023-UNV 05-09-2023State Education Policy - 2023(ENGLISH VERSION)Download Link
WBBSED.S(Aca)/466/S/804-09-2023Notification regarding Participation in Quiz on G20 Download Link
WBBSENil01-09-2023District Convenor & Jt. Convenor for Madhyamik Pariksha (Secondary Examination), 2024 Download Link
WBBSED.S.(C)/127/2301-09-2023Madhyamik Pariksha (SE), 2024 Convenors’ Meeting Notice Download Link
W FINANCE5099-F31-08-2023Creation of Additional Posts in Different Departments of West BengalDownload Link
WB FINANCE5100-F(P1)31-08-2023Memorandum on further improvement of the benefits of the career advancement scheme Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/157/202331-08-2023Notification Regarding Rescheduling (25.09.23) of Online Student Portal Download Link
WB FINANCE5061-F(eGov)29-08-2023Submission of Life Certificate from home by using smartphone for the Pensioners/Family Pensioners drawing pension from Treasuries of West Bengal Download Link
WB FINANCE5035-F28-08-2023Revised DFPR of Administrative Department for according AAFSDownload Link
WBCSSCNIL28-08-2023Final Vacancy in r/o 1st SLST, 2016(AT), Upper Primary Level of Classes in compliance with solemn order dated 16.08.2023Download Link
WBBSE286/Sec/Appt-Cell/2324-08-2023Intimation to the listed Candidates for collecting Transfer Order on 29.08.23Download Link
WB FINANCE4960-F(P1)/FA/O/2M/32/23 (N.B)23-08-2023Revised option in schedule-IV under WBS ROPA RULES-2019Download Link
WBCSSCNIL23-08-2023Provisional Panel list in r/o 1st SLST, 2016(AT), Upper Primary Level of Classes in compliance with solemn order dated 16.08.2023Download Link
WBCSSCNIL23-08-2023Provisional Waiting list in r/o 1st SLST, 2016(AT), Upper Primary Level of Classes in compliance with solemn order dated 16.08.2023Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/150/202322-08-2023Notification Regarding Online Student Portal to be launched on 01.09.23Download Link
WB FINANCE531-FB21-08-2023Guideline of sidbi cluster development fund (SCDF)Download Link
HIGHER EDUCATION794-Edn(U)/10M-75/201817-08-2023Fact finding committee on administrative lapses of JADAVPUR UNIVERSITYDownload Link
SABOOJSATHINIL16-08-2023SOP for student profile verification ,finalization & validation under sabooj sathi phase IX (CLASS IX STUDENTS ,AY-2023Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/148 /202316-08-2023Notification Regarding Change in Council’s Officials’ Email IDDownload Link
HIGHER EDUCATION DEPT780-Edn(U)/10M-75/201814-08-2023Prohibition of Ragging in the Higher Educational Institutions in the State of West BengalDownload Link
WBCHSEL/PR/144/202314-08-2023Notification regarding Online Registration (starts from 18.08.23) for Class-XI with User Manual Download Link
WBCHSEL/SECY/134/2311-08-2023Notification Regarding Submission Of applications for Subject introduction and permission for excess admission for the academic year 2023-24 Download Link
WBCSSC850/6723(IV)/CSSC/ESTT/202311-08-2023Notice for online uploading of important documents by candidates who applied for the 10% seats reserved for para-teachers in connection with 1st SLST (A.T.), 2016 for Up Pr Level (Except WEd & PEd) Download Link
WB FINANCE061-F(J)-W.B,10-08-2023State Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme, 1987 – Table of Benefits under Savings Fund for the year of cessation of Membership 2023-2024. Download Link
WB FINANCE4740-F (eGov)09-08-2023Modification of the procedure of credit of interest by Directorate of Pension, Provident Fund and Group Insurance , West Bengal (DPPG, WB) into GPF Accounts of Group – D employees of the State Download Link
WBCHSEL/PR/143/202304-08-2023Important Notice Regarding Registration of Class XI Students Download Link
WB FINANCE4622-F02-08-2023Option in Schedule-IV under WBSROPA Rules, 2019 Download Link
WB FINANCE4622-F(P1)/FA/O/2M/32/23 (N.B)01-08-2023Memorandum for option in Schedule-IV under the West Bengal Services (Revision of Pay and Allowances) Rules, 2019 Download Link
WBMSCMSC/Notice/ 07/202301-08-2023Updation of Distance Certificate in the Online Portal for General Transfer Download Link
SED215–SE(P&B)/ SED-18030/1/2023-PB28-07-2023Enhancement of Professional Fees/Remuneration of Contractual IT Personnel (ICT@School)Download Link
WBBME586/Exam/2326-07-2023High Madrasah, Alim & Fazil Exam Schedule 2024 Download Link
WBCSSC794/L-4558/CSSC/ESTT/202326-07-2023Notice in compliance with the direction of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, dated 25.07.2023 towards publishing the details of 907 candidates (XI-XII) Download Link
WBBME 09/Exam/2023 25-07-2023Extension of Online Registration Date up to 07.08.23 without fine Download Link
WBBSE226/Sec/2318-07-2023Notification regarding list of 740 recognized unaided Private Schools on 13.07.2023 Download Link
WB FINANCE048-F(J)-W.B.19-07-2023Interest Rate on General Provident Fund (01.07.2023 to 30.09.2023)Download Link
WBBPE1557/WBBPE/202318-07-2023Notice for interview/viva voce and aptitude test( 19 th phase)Download Link
WB FINANCE4379-F(eGOV17-07-2023Introduction of some new facilities in HRMSDownload Link
WB FINANCE4357-F(eGOV)14-07-2023Guidelines for Non-Government Institutions Provident Fund Module (NGIPF) in WBIFMSDownload Link
WB FINANCE 4309-F(e Gov) 12-07-2023Introduction of Non-Government Institutions Provident Fund (NGIPF) Module for Provident Fund maintenance in Non-Government Educational InstituteDownload Link
WBBPE1540/WBBPE/202311-07-2023Notification inviting applcations from TET qualified Candidates having B.ED. ( SPECIAL EDUCATION) who did not appplyDownload Link
WBBME 008/Exam 304-07-2023Online registration of Class IX (for High Madrasah & Alim Examination) and Class XI (for Fazil Examination)Download Link
WBBME 007/Exam 04-07-2023Result of High Madrasah, Alim, Fazil Examination P.P.R./P.P.S – 2023 is going to be published on 05.07.2023 at 2pmDownload Link
WBBSE208/Sec./Appt-Cell./2303-07-2023Order on PVR and Medical of Teaching & Non-teaching category of Appointments prior to issue of Appointment LettersDownload Link
SED 341-SE(EE)/10M-45/2021 30-06-2023Extension of Suspension of Utsashree Portal till 31.12.23 or untill further orderDownload Link
WBBSE 203/Sec/2330-06-2023Notification regarding revised fees structureDownload Link
WBBSE 207/Sec/23 30-06-2023Rules and procedure for admission and re-admission from the academic session commence from 01.01.2012Download Link
WBBSE D.S.(C)/108/23 27-06-2023Publication of PPS / PPR Result of MP 2023 on 30.06.2023 at 5pmDownload Link
SEDSED - CSE/215/2023-GA/OM/54/GA/2014 22-06-2023Disposal and disbursement of Arrear Claims of the Teachers and Non-teaching employees of Aided / Sponsored SchoolsDownload Link
WB FINANCE 3910-F(P2) 19-06-2023The Elections to GPs, PSs and ZPs scheduled to be held on 8th July, 2023 (Saturday)Download Link
WBBSE 195/SEC/23 15-06-2023Extension of tenure of MCs/Ad-hoc Committees/Organising Committees/Administrators of recognised Secondary Schools up to 13.09.23Download Link
WBBPE 1299/WBBPE/2023 09-06-2023Removal of difficulties for collecting/downloading TET-2014/ TET-2017 eligibility certificates due to change of Cell (Mobile) numbersDownload Link
MISC Press Note 08-06-2023Panchayat General Election 2023Download Link
WBBME 886/Aca/23 08-06-2023Punctuality in attendance and discharging of duties of employeesDownload Link
WBBSED.S.(C)/103/23 07-06-2023PPR & PPS will commence through online system on and from 11am 9th June, 2023 and continue till midnight 15th June, 2023 for the MP(SE) 2023Download Link
WBBSE 180/Sec/Appt-Cell/23 07-06-2023Termination of Service of Babita Sarkar under solemn order of Hon'ble Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay, HC CalcuttaDownload Link
WBBPE 1262/WBBPE/2023 05-06-2023Permitting candidates having any other training qualification before 29-09-2022 to alter their training qualification for the 2022 Recruitment ProcessDownload Link
WBBSE D.S(Aca)/391/T/43 05-06-2023Request to furnish the details of procurement of Board Publications for Class VI to XDownload Link
HIGHER EDU 354-Edn(CS)/10M-95/14 02-06-2023Admission for the Academic Session 2023-2024 to all UG CoursesDownload Link
WBBME Press/18/23 02-06-2023Re-opening of recognised Madrasahs after summer vacationDownload Link
WBBPE 122/WBBPE/D.EL.ED/2023 01-06-2023NOTIFICATION - Pertaining to the admission of the students into the D.El.Ed Course, Session: 2021 – 2023 of the 14 Institutes which are remained withheld for discrepanciesDownload Link
WBBPE 1243/WBBPE/2023 01-06-2023Re-opening of Portal for issuance of TET-2017 Eligibility CertificatesDownload Link
WBBPE 1236/WBBPE/2023 01-06-2023Temporary suspension of issuance of TET-2017 Eligibility CertificatesDownload Link
WBBSE D.S.(Aca)/379/A/25/3 01-06-2023Regarding reopening of Secondary Schools recognized by WBBSE after summer vacationDownload Link
WBBSE 170/Sec/Appt-cell/23 01-06-2023Joining time in case of Appointment at conclusion of summer vacationsDownload Link
WBBSE 171/Sec/Appt-cell/23 3 01-06-2023Joining time in case of transfer & transfer consequent to the direction of the HC at conclusion of summer vacationDownload Link
WBBPE 1231/WBBPE/2023 31-05-2023Pertaining to issuance of TET-2017 Eligibility Certificates Download Link
SED 9/SECY/2023 dated 30-05-2023Reconsidered to reopen of Schools after Summer Vacation w.e.f. 15.06.23Download Link
WBBSE D.S.(Aca)/376/A/25/3 30-05-2023Regarding re-opening of secondary schools recognised by WBBSEDownload Link
WBMSC WBMSC - Corrigendum - 2 25-05-2023Corrigendum-2, for 7th SLST(AT), 2023Download Link
WBBPE 1154/WBBPE/2023 23-05-2023Pertaining to breakup of total marks of the last empanelled candidates in panels prepared in the 2016 Recruitment Process based on district opted, medium, caste and categoryDownload Link
WBMSC Nil 22-05-2023Corrigendum for the nomenclature of the post Arabic MM in Tentative VacancyDownload Link
WBBSE D.S(Aca)/370/M/57 22-05-2023Punctuality in attendance in schoolsDownload Link
WB FINANCE 3371–F(P2) 3 20-05-2023All State Govt offices including grants-in-aid office by the State Govt must report for duty and conduct official business as usual on 22.05.23Download Link
WBBSE DS(C)/99/2023 19-05-2023Notification regarding PPR & PPS of Madhyamik Pariksha (SE) 2023Download Link
WBBSE EMU/C/34 19-05-2023Schedule for Camp Office in connection with Madhyamik Pariksha 2024Download Link
WBBSE EMU/C/35 19-05-2023Programme of Madhyamik Pariksha (SE) 2024Download Link
WBBSEWBBSE - Inf/136/23 19-05-2023Procedure to apply for certified copy of answer script(s) of M.P.(S.E.), 2023 under RTI Act 2005Download Link
WBMSC MSC/Notice/04/2023 : 17-05-2023Applicants are requested to update their details in the General Transfer portal.Download Link
WBBPE 1089/WBBPE/2023 16-05-2023Extension of last date for all intending eligible TET qualified candidates having 50% marks in PG and B.Ed. as training qualification to participate in the process of Recruitment-2022Download Link
WBMSC Nil 13-05-2023Information guidelines for 7th State Level Selection Test (AT), 2023Download Link
WBBME Press Release 11-05-2023Press release regarding Publication of Alim, Fazil & High Madrasah Result 2023 on 20.05.23 at 11:30 am onlineDownload Link
WBBPE 1052/WBBPE/2023 11-05-2023Inviting Applications from TET qualified PG with B.Ed. Candidates for recruitmentDownload Link
WBBSE D.S.(C)/098/23 10-05-2023Press note regarding publication of Madhyamik result on 19.05.23 at 12noon onlineDownload Link
WBMSC MSC/Notice/03/2023 04-05-2023Notice for 7th SLST(AT), 2023 for recruitment in 1729 tentative vacanciesDownload Link
WB FINANCEWBFinance - 027-F(J) 04-05-2023Ceiling of Rs. 5 Lakh on subscription in General Provident Fund (West Bengal Services) in a financial yearDownload Link
WBCSSC WBCSSC - 523/L-6594/CSSC/ESTT/2023 02-05-2023Notice in compliance of solemn order dated 26.04.2023 and 01.05.2023 of Hon'ble Supreme Court of IndiaDownload Link
WBBPE 977/WBBPE/2023 29-04-2023 Pertaining to Issuance of TET-2022 Eligibility CertificatesDownload Link
WBBPE 82/WBBPE/D.El.Ed./2023 29-04-2023Pertaining to Renewal of Recognition by the BoardDownload Link
WBBPE 967/WBBPE/2023 28-04-2023Pertaining to issuance of TET-2014 qualified CertificatesDownload Link
WBBSE D.S.(C)/89/23 28-04-2023Online Marks Verification for MP(SE), 2023Download Link
WBBME 526/Aca/23 27-04-2023Guidelines for summer assignments/projectsDownload Link
WBBME 506/Aca/23 dated 26-04-2023Preponing of Summer VacationDownload Link
SED Nil 24-04-2023Summer Project Topics – Teacher GuideDownload Link
HIGHER EDU 265-Edn(CS)/OM-102L/2022 24-04-2023Centralized Web based Online Admission System in Undergraduate Courses at various Colleges, Universities under the control of Higher Education Dept., WBDownload Link
WBBPE 914/WBBPE/2023 24-04-2023Inviting applications from all intending eligible TET qualified candidates who have B.Ed. (Special Education) as training qualification, to participate in the Recruitment Process-2022 in compliance wiDownload Link
WBBSE 125/Sec/23 22-04-2023Notification regarding Cancellation of Appointments in various selection process for different posts are hereby being kept in AbeyanceDownload Link
WBBSE 124/Sec/23 20-04-2023Reformation of the clauses for the correction of the name, surname & age of the candidateDownload Link
WBCSSC WBCSSC - 483/ L-6594/CSSC/ESTT/2023 20-04-2023Notice in compliance of order dated 12.04.2023 of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in Supreme Court Case-CA-2419 of 2023Download Link
WBMSC WBMSC - MSC/Notice/02/2023 18-04-2023Notice for extension of General Transfer 2023Download Link
SEDSED - 03/SECY/23 16-04-2023Vacation due to Heat WaveDownload Link
WBBME Pres /14/23 16-04-2023Closure of Recognised Madrasahs due to prevailing heat waveDownload Link
WBBSE D.S.(Aca) /330/A/25/3 16-04-2023Closure of School (for a week) due to prevailing heat waveDownload Link
SED - 02/SECY/23 dated 13-04-2023Advised to declare Summer Vacation in the schools w.e.f. 02.05.23Download Link
WBBSE D.S.(Aca)/329/A/25/3 13-04-2023Declaring preponement of Summer VacationDownload Link
WBBSE 107/SEC/23 05-04-2023Extension of tenure of the Managing Committee / Adhoc Committee / Organising Committee / Administrator of recognised Secondary Schools upto 15.07.23Download Link
WBBSE DA/174/23 29-03-2023Reply to the Show Cause NoticesDownload Link
SED 462-SE/S/5P-41/2021 28-03-2023Regarding increment for the post of Headmaster / HeadmistressDownload Link
WBBME 352/Aca/23 27-03-2023Holiday on 03.04.2023 due to Mahabir JayantiDownload Link
WBBME 350/A/Aca/23 27-03-2023Leave during the month of RamzanDownload Link
WBBSE D.S(Aca)/260/N/11 27-03-2023Notification regarding Ramzan month of Muslim StaffsDownload Link
WB FINANCE 1430-F(P2) 25-03-2023In partial modification, 3rd April, 2023 (Monday) declared as Public Holiday on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti under Section 25 of the N.I. ActDownload Link
WBBPE 715/WBBPE/2023 dated 24-03-2023Summative Evaluations in Primary SchoolsDownload Link
WBBSEWBBSE - 100/Sec/23 23-03-2023Reply of Absentees or upon Showcause issued by BoardDownload Link
WBMSC MSC/Notice/01/2023 22-03-2023Online Application for General Transfer will be opened on and from 28.03.2023Download Link
SED Nil 22-03-2023Centrally Sponsored National Means-Cum-Merit Scholarship Examination, 2023 for VIIIDownload Link
SSM/SSASSM/SSA - 244/ADMN/225/PBSSM/2023 14-03-2023Summer Projects for students of Classes V - XII1bf">Download Link
WBBSE D.S.(C)/068/23 12-03-2023Notification regarding Examiners, Head Examiner & Scrutineers of MP (SE) 2023Download Link
WBBSE 89/Sec/Appt-Cell/23 11-03-2023Cancellation of 785 Number of Group-C appointments 3rd RLST(NT), 2016 (WPA No: 12270 of 2021)Download Link
WBBSE 88/Sec/Appt-Cell/23 11-03-2023Cancellation of 57 Number of Group-C appointments, 3rd RLST(NT), 2016 (WPA NO: 12270 of 2021)Download Link
WB FINANCE 1068-F(P2) 09-03-2023All State Government offices shall remain open on 10th March, 2023 in view of strike call given by some organisationsDownload Link
WBBSE 85/Sec/23 09-03-2023Order regarding strike on 10/03/23 for all Teaching and Non-teaching staff of all recognized secondary school under WBBSEDownload Link
WBBSE D.S.(C)/063/23 08-03-2023Notification to all Head Examiner & Examiner for distribution of written Answer Scripts of MP(SE) 2023Download Link
WBBSE 77/Sec/Appt-cell/23 04-03-2023Cancellation of 157 appointments of Assistant Teacher (IX-X), 1st SLST, 2016 under Solemn order of the HCDownload Link
MDM 160-ES(CMDMP)/Genl.-02/2023 03-03-2023Setting up nutritional gardens in primary / upper primary and high schools in coordination with FPI&HDownload Link
WBBSE 74/Sec/Appt-Cell/23 03-03-2023Cancellation of 618 Appointments of Assistant Teacher (IX-X) 1St SLST, 2016 under solemn order of HC, CalcuttaDownload Link
WBBSE NIL 02-03-2023Press Note regarding Mathematics Question Paper of MP 2023Download Link
SED 60-SED-18099/40/2020-PB SEC-DEPT.OF SE 01-03-2023Dearness Allowance (DA) @6% of Basic Pay w.e.f. 1-Mar-2023Download Link
WBBME 485-MD 28-02-2023Committee nominated in compliance with the judgment of the SC dated 02.02.2023Download Link
WB FINANCE 850-F(P2) 24-02-2023Enhancement to six percent of Dearness Allowance to State Government Employees and other employees of Government Aided Educational Institutions, etc.Download Link
WBBSE D.S(C)/037/23 19-02-2023Order regarding pen down / strike for all technical and non-teaching staff on 20.02.2023 and 21.02.2023Download Link
WB FINANCE 731-F(P2) 18-02-2023Government offices shall remain open in view of pen down /strike on the 20th February, 2023 and the 21st February, 2023Download Link
WBBSE - D.S.(C)/036/23 17-02-2023Real time testing of Android App "Elixam" for M.P.(S.E.) 2023 by HoIs & AVSsDownload Link
WBBME 428/Exam 15-02-2023Guidelines for conducting Annual Examination (Class XII in Fazil Course of Study)-2023Download Link
WBBME 005/Exam 15-02-2023Notification for The Annual Examination ( Class – XI and Fazil Course) – 2023Download Link
WBCSSC 226/ L-6594/CSSC/ESTT/2023 13-02-2023Notice towards cancellation of 618 candidates in the Post of Asst Teachers for classes IX and X in compliance to solemn order dated 08-02-2023 in WPA 25380 of 2022Download Link
WBBPE 355/WBBPE/2023 10-02-2023TET-2022 Result published on 10.02.23 3pm onwardsDownload Link
WBBME 003/Exam 07-02-2023Distribution of Admit Cards 2023Download Link
WBBSE D.s(Aca)/49/S/90 07-02-2023Notification regarding Summative Evaluation & Selection Test 2023Download Link
WBBSE D.S(C)/027/23 07-02-2023Notification regarding Camp Office on 13.02.23 for distribution of Admit CardsDownload Link
WBBSE D.S.(C)/026/23 06-02-2023Notification regarding convenors, centre secretaries and additional venue Supervisors of MP Exam 2023Download Link
WBBPE 245/WBBPE/2023 31-01-2023OMR of TET-2022 Exam is under full ProtectionDownload Link
002/Exam 20-01-2023Second Language Exam of HM, Alim & Fazil 2023 is rescheduled on 09.03.23 in place of 27.02.23df">Download Link
WBBSE D.S.(C)/010/23 19-01-2023History Exam of MP 2023 rescheduled on 01.03.2023 in place of 27.02.2023Download Link
WBBSE D.S(Aca)/29/T/79 17-01-2023Corrigendum regarding Test Paper published by WBBSE for 2022-23Download Link
WBBSE 18/SEC/23 16-01-2023Sensitization and Awareness among Examinees of Madhyamik Pariksha 2023Download Link
WBBPEWBBPE - 78/WBBPE/2023 10-01-2023Requesting TET-2022 Candidates who have participated in the such test to dispute the provisional Answer Keys in respect of their Individual Question BookletDownload Link
WBBSE 14/Sec/Appt-Cell/23 09-01-2023Cancellation of 102 Appointment Letters of AT (IX-X) 1st SLST-2016 (WPA No: 13700 of 2021)Download Link
MDM 09(25)-ES(CMDMP) 03-01-2023Transfer of Allotment of fund for Additional Nutrition of students under PM-POSHANDownload Link
WBBSE D.S(Aca)/03/T/79 02.01.2023Notification regarding distribution of Test Papers (2022-23)Download Link
WBBSE D.S.(Aca/554/A/25/3 19.12.2022Model Holiday List 2023Download Link
WBBSE D.S.(Aca/554/A/25/3 19-12-2022Annual Academic Calendar, Routine Structure, Teachers Diary etc for the year 2023Download Link
WBBSE 223/Sec/22 & 235-SSE/17 13-12-2022 Guidelines regarding safety & security of Students in SchoolsDownload Link
WBBSE D.S(Aca)/547/P/17 05-12-2022Implementation of Various Activities in Schools for Overall Development of School StudentsDownload Link
WBBSE 206/Sec/22 01-12-2022Circular regarding Enhancement of RatesDownload Link
WBBSE Inf/309/22 28-11-2022Management of Records in aided School etcDownload Link
WBBSE D.S(Aca)/464/T/79 14-11-2022Selection test for Class XDownload Link
WBBSE 28/12/ZMB/12922/22 11-11-2022Medical Examination of Assistant Teachers on 30-11-22Download Link
WBBSE D.S.(Aca)/436/S/10(A)/4 20-10-2022All the provisions / Accommodations mentioned there-in should be made available to CWSN for all Classes (VI to X) for all ExaminationsDownload Link
WBBSE EMU/C/35 20-09-2022Examination Routine of M.P. (S.E.) 2023Download Link
WBBSE D.S(Aca)/377/A/25/3 02-09-2022Advisory to HOIs on 6th September regarding Karam Puja and ExaminationDownload Link
WBBSE DS(Aca)/360/A/25/3 08-08-2022Notification regarding holiday on account of Rakhi BandhanDownload Link
WBBSE 101/Sec/22 02-08-2022Upload of Annexure A and B of ROA portal of WBBSE by 08.08.2022Download Link
WBBSE DS(C)/041/22 27-07-2022Corrigendum regarding Submission of filled in Registration FormsDownload Link
WBBSE Nil 25-07-2022Press note for PPR/PPS Result for MP 2022 and Schedule of Camp OfficesDownload Link
WBBSE DS(C)/40/2021 19-07-2022Notification regarding data verification or checklist of Class IX (2021) and schedule of camp officesDownload Link
WBBSE EMU/C/34 12-07-2022Schedule for Camp Offices in connection with MP(S.E) 2022-2023Download Link
WBBSE Nil 29-06-2022Advisory (No Exam) to all the Institution regarding Hul DiwasDownload Link
WBBSE D.S(Aca)/287/A/25/3 17-06-2022Notification Regarding Revised Schedule of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Summative Evaluation for the Academic Session 2022Download Link
WBBSE D.S(Aca)/280/A/25/3 13-06-2022Regarding Summer Vacations in SchoolsDownload Link
WBBSE - DS(C)/93/2022 03-06-2022Notification regarding Application for PPS & PPR 2022Download Link
WBBSE Inf/142/22 03-062022Notification regarding procedures to apply for Certified Copy of Answer Scripts of MP (SE) 2022 Under RTI Act 2005Download Link
WBBSE D.S.(C)/087/22 30-05-2022Press Note regarding publication of Madhyamik Result 2022Download Link
WBBSE Nil 17-05-2022Intimation to the Candidates for collecting Transfer Order (1st Reminder)Download Link
WBBSE WBBSE/MT(C)/001 12-05-2022Cancellation of 27 Mutual Transfer Order of 54 Candidates Download Link
WBBSE Nil 05-05-22Intimation to the candidates for collecting transfer order (Pre Utsashree & Court Order cases) on 11-05-22Download Link
WBBSE D.S(Aca)/215/A/25/3 28-04-2022Declaring Summer VacationDownload Link
WBBSE Nil 27-04-2022Transfer order for Assistant Teachers at Appointment Cell on 27/04/2022Download Link
WBBSE D.S.(Aca)/182/A/25/3 11-04-2022Notification regarding Academic Calendar, Revised Model Holiday List, Structure of Routine, Annexure and Format of Teacher's Diary 2022Download Link
WBBSE D.S(Aca)/156/A/25/3 29-03-2022Notification regarding schedule of Summative EvaluationDownload Link
WBBSE D.S(Aca)/A/25/3 29-03-2022Corrigendum regarding Holiday List for the year 2022Download Link
WBBSE D.S.(C)/057/22 Dated 28-02-2022Press Note regarding Control Room of MP(SE) 2022Download Link
WBBSE Admin/980 28-02-2022Submission of R.O.A. Summary in Online ModuleDownload Link
WBBSE Nil 17-02-2022Notification regarding Camp Offices on 23rd FebruaryDownload Link
WBBSE D.S.(Aca)/99 07-02-2022Notification regarding update of school wise teacher information through onlineDownload Link
WBBSE 19/Sec/22 dt 03-02-2022Paray Shikshalaya Programme for Class VI & VIIDownload Link
WBBSE D.S.(C)/027/22 03-02-2022Processing of Application Forms for Enrollment of Regular Candidates of M.P. 2022 & Submission of requisition forms to avail Board facility for the CWSNDownload Link
WBBSE 11/Pres/22 dt 31-01-2022Notification regarding School reopen from VIII to XIIDownload Link
WBBSE DS(C)/006/2022 06-01-2022Notification regarding Camp Offices for collection of filled in Enrolment Form (Form A & B)Download Link

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