WBBME011/Exam17-11-2023Notification for Rescheduling of dates of H. M., Alim & Fazil Examination – 2024 Download Link
WBBME33/Pres/1/2023 30-10-2023Leadership development Programme for the Heads of H.S Madrasah & Fazil Madrasahsk">Download Link
WBBME 1607/Aca/2309-10-2023Preparation of question papers for selection Test of Class X for High Madrasah and Alim Examination-2024Download Link
WBBME1605/Aca/2306-10-2023Setting up Consumer Clubs in Colleges and Madrasahs of West BengalDownload Link
WBBME1497/A/Aca/2321-09-2023Holiday on account of Karam Puja on 25.09.23Download Link
WBBME 586/Exam/23 dated 26-07-2023High Madrasah, Alim & Fazil Exam Schedule 2024 Download Link
WBBME 09/Exam/2023 25-07-2023Extension of Online Registration Date up to 07.08.23 without fine Download Link
WBBME 007/Exam 04-07-2023Result of High Madrasah, Alim, Fazil Examination P.P.R./P.P.S – 2023 is going to be published on 05.07.2023 at 2pmDownload Link
WBBME 008/Exam 04-07-2023Online registration of Class IX (for High Madrasah & Alim Examination) and Class XI (for Fazil Examination)Download Link
WBBME 886/Aca/23 08-06-2023Punctuality in attendance and discharging of duties of employeesDownload Link
WBBME Pres/18/23 02-06-2023Re-opening of recognised Madrasahs after summer vacationDownload Link
WBBME - Press Release 11-05-2023Press release regarding Publication of Alim, Fazil & High Madrasah Result 2023 on 20.05.23 at 11:30 am onlineDownload Link
WBBME 526/Aca/23 27-04-2023Guidelines for summer assignments/projectsDownload Link
WBBME 506/Aca/23 26-04-2023Preponing of Summer VacationDownload Link
WBBME Pres /14/23 16-04-2023Closure of Recognised Madrasahs due to prevailing heat waveDownload Link
WBBME 350/A/Aca/23 27-03-2023Leave during the month of RamzanDownload Link
WBBME 352/Aca/23 27-03-2023Holiday on 03.04.2023 due to Mahabir JayantiDownload Link
WBBME 485-MD 28-02-2023Committee nominated in compliance with the judgment of the SC dated 02.02.2023Download Link
WBBME 005/Exam 15-02-2023Notification for The Annual Examination ( Class – XI and Fazil Course) – 2023Download Link
WBBME 428/Exam dated 15-02-2023Guidelines for conducting Annual Examination (Class XII in Fazil Course of Study)-2023Download Link
WBBME 003/Exam 07-02-2023Distribution of Admit Cards 2023Download Link
WBBME 002/Exam 20-01-2023Second Language Exam of HM, Alim & Fazil 2023 is rescheduled on 09.03.23 in place of 27.02.23Download Link




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