Rules of Nomination in c/w different retiring benefits

Rules of Nomination in c/w different retiring benefits :

It is often asked from group members who can be nominated in case of leave encashment, death gratuity, final payment of GPF, GISS and LTA pensions. Nomination in different funds is guided by specific rules of the said fund and DCRB rules and added/ modified by different G.O issued in this respect from time to time. Let us discuss about them :
Leave encashment :
Rule 168 B of WBSR part I which describes about leave encashment which is modified by the G.O no 4791-F(P) 8.6.2012. As per this G.O the relations which are entitled are will be –
1. Spouse
2. Minor sons including legally adopted son
3.unmarried minor daughter including legally divorced, widowed and legally adopted daughter.
4. Dependent parents.
5. Adult sons
6.sons of predeceased sons
7. Married daughters
8.minor brother and unmarried including legally divorced and widowed sisters
9. Adult brothers and married sisters.
Cash equivalent leave salary can’t be paid more than one relation of deceased family. It shall be paid to the relation in sl 1. If there is no such relation then it will be paid to relation 2 and so on. If a govt employee survives by more than one widow ( legally) such leave salary shall be paid to them in equal share. No nomination is needed in case of leave salary. Nomination is determined on the basis of precedence of relation mentioned above. Employee may submit list of family members to his/her office.
Death Gratuity :
1. Spouse
2. Sons including step sons
3. Physically handicapped/ mentally retarded son/daughter
4. Adopted son/ daughter added by 517-F (PEN) , 29.7.08
5. Unmarried/ widow daughters including step daughters
6. Brothers below 18 yrs and unmarried/widow sisters.
7. Father
It is hereby mentioned that married daughter is not allowed to get death gratuity.There is no order of precedence like leave salary. It can also be divided in different share. Where there is no nomination D/G may be sanctioned among the members of family in equal share.
Final payment of GPF :
In case of male subscriber- the wife/wives, children, widow/widows and children of the deceased son of the subscriber. If a subscriber proves that his wife has been judicially separated from him or has ceased under the customary law of the community to which she belongs to be entitled to maintenance , she shall be deemed to no longer member of the family.
In case of female subscriber -husband, children of a subscriber and the widow/widows and children of deceased son of subscriber. If a subscriber writes to the AGWB expresses her desire to exclude her husband from her family then he deemed to be no longer a member of family. Children means legitimate children. If a subscriber nominates his parents initially then it will be void after acquiring a family. Nomination can be made more than one person and there is no precedence of relation and can be distributed equally or different proportions.
1. Spouse
2 Son including step son and adopted son
3.Unmarried and widowed daughter including step and adopted daughter
4. Brothers below 18 yrs of age.
5 Unmarried or widowed sister.
6. Father.
7. Mother.
If the employee has no family within the definition of DCRB rules he /she can nominate any person in prescribed form. This nomination will be void when s/he acquires family. In case there is no nomination amount of insurance and savings fund will be paid among legal heirs in equal amounts.
LTA pension :
1. Spouse
2.Sons including stepsons and adopted sons
3.Unmarried/widowed daughter including step and adopted daughter
5. Father.
If the emoyee has no family s/he can nominate any other person. An employee/pensioner/family pensioner can nominate one or more members of his/her family for LTA.
Since after promulgation of e service of employee under IFMS, the nomination can be made online. After making entry and saving from employee end it will be forwarded to head of office. After approval from HOO it may be downloaded and kept for official and personal record. The procedure has mentioned in G.O no 5951-F(Y) 14.9.2018.


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