Terms of Reference of 6th Pay Commission, West Bengal

Terms of Reference of 6th Pay Commission, West Bengal


Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 8071-F(P) Howrah, the 27th November, 2015


The State Government has constituted 6th Pay Commission for State Government employees and certain other categories of employees by Resolution No. 8070-F(P) dated 27.11.2015. The Governor is now pleased to decide that the terms of reference of the Pay Commission will be as follows:

(1) To examine the present structure of pay and conditions of service of the (a) employees under the rule making control of the Government of West Bengal except the members of the All India Services, the West Bengal Judicial Service and members of services to whom the UGC scales of pay and AICTE scales of pay are applicable and (b) the employees of Statutory Bodies, Boards, Corporations etc. as mentioned in the Annexure and also in case of those organizations which may be notified later on after taking into account the total package of benefits now available to the employees and suggest changes which may be desirable and feasible, keeping in view, inter-alia the needs for social accountability and efficiency of the administration and also the decisions of the Government of India on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission.

(2) To examine the existing promotion polices and related issues and suggest suitable changes, which may be desirable and feasible, after taking into account the norms of promotions, efficiencies/productivity, wherever relevant and also having special regard to the priority for improving people-orientation, social accountability and efficiency of the administration.

(3) To examine the special allowance and other allowances, concessions including Travelling Allowance and other benefits which are available to the employees in addition to the pay and suggest changes which may be desirable and feasible.

(4) To examine the issues relating to retirement benefits, and

(5) To make recommendations on each of the above having regard, inter-alia to –

i) the prevailing pay structure under the Central Government, Public Sector Undertakings, other State Governments etc.,

ii) the economic condition of the country, financial responsibility of the Govt. of India and the pattern of allocation of revenues to the State, and

iii) the resources of the State Government and the demands thereon on account of the commitment of the State Government to the developmental activities,

2. The Commission will devise its own procedures and may appoint such advisors, institutional consultants and experts as it may considered necessary for any particular purpose in consultation with the State Government. The Commission may call for such information and take such evidence as may be considered necessary.

The different departments of the State Government and offices sub-ordinate to them will furnish such information, documents and other assistance as may be required by the Commission. The Government of West Bengal trust that the service associations and the unions of the State Government employees and others concerned will extend to the Commission their fullest cooperation and assistance.

3. The Commission will make an estimate of the cost involved in implementing their recommendations and suggest measures for avoidance of wasteful expenditure and other measures for economy. The Commission will also specially suggest measures for promoting efficiency.

4. The Commission will submit their recommendations as expeditiously as practicable but preferably within a period of six months from the date of order notifying the constitution of the Commission.

5. The Commission may submit interim recommendations if found necessary or if so desired by the Government.


Ordered that the resolution be communicated to all Administrative Departments and all offices sub-ordinate to them. The Administrative Departments will inform within fifteen days from the date of publication of this Resolution, if there is any addition or deletion of any Statutory Body, Board, Corporation etc. mentioned in the Annexure.

Ordered also that the resolution be published in the Kolkata Gazette.

By order of the Governor

Sd/- H. K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal
Finance Department



  1. Teaching and non-teaching employees of Government sponsored or aided educational institutions, Training Institutions of Primary Teachers, Libraries & Polytechnics and Junior Technical Schools;
  2. Non-teaching employees of non-Government Colleges (Sponsored and Aided);
  3. Employees of Municipalities, Municipal Corporations, Notified Area authorities, Panchayat Bodies;
  4. Employees of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly Secretariat;
  5. Employees of the West Bengal Public Service Commission;
  6. Employees of the State Election Commission, West Bengal;
  7. Employees of the West Bengal College Service Commission;
  8. Employees of the West Bengal Municipal Service Commission;
  9. Employees of the State Minority Commission, West Bengal;
  10. Employees of the West Bengal Commission for Backward Classes;
  11. Employees of the West Bengal Commission for Women;
  12. Employees of the West Bengal Human Rights’ Commission;
  13. Employees of the West Bengal Taxation Tribunal;
  14. Employees of the West Bengal Commercial Taxes Appellate and Revisional Board;
  15. Employees of the West Bengal Administrative Tribunal;
  16. West Bengal Co-operative Tribunal;
  17. Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority including CIT, HIT and CMWSA;
  18. Employees of the office of the Hooghly River Bridge Commission;
  19. Employees of the Sunderban Development Board;
  20. Employees of the Sriniketan-Santiniketan Development Authority;
  21. Employees of the Siliguri-Jalpaiguri Development Authority;
  22. Employees of the Asansol-Durgapur Development Authority;
  23. Employees of the Haldia Development Authority;
  24. Employees of the Digha-Sankarpur Development Authority;
  25. Calcutta Improvement Tribunal;
  26. Institute of Wetland Management & Ecological Design;
  27. State Council of Science & Technology;
  28. Recognised Audio-Visual Units and Community Centres;
  29. Recognised non-Govt. Sponsored/Aided voluntary organisation;
  30. West Bengal Board of Primary Education and District Primary Councils;
  31. West Bengal Madrasah Education Board;
  32. Institute of Local Government and Urban Studies (ILGUS);
  33. West Bengal State Co-operative Union;
  34. Institute of Historical Studies;
  35. Institute of English, Calcutta;
  36. West Bengal State Book Board;
  37. Jagadish Bose National Talent Search;
  38. Institute De Chandemagore;
  39. Netaji Institute for Asian Studies;
  40. West Bengal Urdu Academy;
  41. West Bengal Hindi Academy;
  42. West Bengal Co-operative Service Commission;
  43. West Bengal Wakf Board;
  44. West Bengal Higher Education Council;
  45. West Bengal Technical Education Council;
  46. West Bengal Science & Technology Council;
  47. West Bengal Veterinary Council;
  48. West Bengal Nursing Council;
  49. West Bengal Medical Council;
  50. West Bengal Ayurvedic Council;
  51. West Bengal Homoeopathic Council;
  52. West Bengal Vocational Education Council;
  53. West Bengal Infrastructure Development & Finance Corporation;
  54. Employees of West Bengal Land Reforms & Tenancy Tribunal.


  1. West Bengal State Marketing Board.
  2. West Bengal State Seed Corporation Ltd.
  3. West Bengal Minor Irrigation Corporation Ltd.
  4. West Bengal Dairy and Poultry Dev. Corpn. Ltd.
  5. West Bengal Livestock Development Corporation Ltd.
  6. Greater Calcutta Gas Supply Corpn. Ltd.
  7. West Bengal Electronics Industries Dev. Corporation Ltd.
  8. West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Ltd.
  9. West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Dev. Corporation Ltd.
  10. West Bengal Mineral Dev. & Trading Corpn. Ltd.
  11. West Bengal Pharmaceutical & Phytochemical Dev. Corpn. Ltd.
  12. West Bengal Tea Development Corporation Ltd.
  13. Shilpa Barta Printing Press Ltd.
  14. West Bengal Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd.
  15. West Bengal Khadi & Villages Industries Board.
  16. West Bengal Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd.
  17. West Bengal Comprehensive Area Dev. Corporation.
  18. Bankura District Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  19. Birbhum District Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  20. Burdwan District Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  21. Cooch Behar Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  22. Darjeeling Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  23. Hooghly Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency..
  24. Howrah Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  25. Jalpaiguri Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  26. Malda Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  27. Midnapore Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  28. Murshidabad Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  29. Nadia Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  30. Purulia Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  31. Uttar Dinajpur Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  32. Dakshin Dinajpur Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  33. North 24 Parganas Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  34. South 24 Parganas Fish Farmers’ Dev. Agency.
  35. State Fisheries Dev. Corpn. Ltd.
  36. West Bengal Fisheries Corporation Ltd.
  37. West Bengal Financial Corporation Ltd.
  38. West Bengal Forest Dev. Corporation Ltd.
  39. West Bengal Essential Commodities Supply Corporation Ltd.
  40. West Bengal Housing Board.
  41. West Bengal Film Dev. Corporation Ltd.
  42. West Bengal Labour Welfare Board.
  43. West Bengal Agro Industries Corporation Ltd.
  44. West Bengal State Warehousing Corporation.
  45. West Bengal Social Welfare Board.
  46. West Bengal S.C. & S.T. Dev. Finance Corporation.
  47. West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.
  48. Calcutta State Transport Corporation.
  49. North Bengal State Transport Corporation.
  50. South Bengal State Transport Corporation.
  51. West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation.
  52. Durgapur Chemicals Ltd.
  53. Calcutta Tramways Co. (1978) Ltd.
  54. Zoological Garden, Alipore.
  55. Infusion (India) Ltd.
  56. West Bengal Renewable Energy & Dev. Agency.
  57. West Bengal Valuation Board.
  58. State Urban Development Agency.
  59. Electro Medical and Allied Industries Ltd.
  60. Calcutta Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  61. Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata.
  62. West Bengal Central School Service Commission.
  63. West Bengal Madrasah Service Commission.
  64. West Bengal Bio-Diversity Board.
  65. West Bengal Pollution Control Board.
  66. West Bengal Women Development Undertaking.
  67. Bankim Bhavan Gabeshana Kendra.
  68. West Bengal Dental Council.
  69. West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission.
  70. Gluconate Health Ltd. [No. 3242-F dated 17.06.2016]
  71. Saraswati Press Ltd.
  72. Shalimar Works (1980) Ltd.
  73. West Bengal State Handloom Weavers’ Co-Operative Society Ltd. [No. 265-F dated 13.01.2017]








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