Medical Benefits for Pensioner/ Family Pensioner

Medical Benefits for Pensioner/ Family Pensioner


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Government of West Bengal
Finance (A) Deptt., Medical Cell

No. 8246-F(MED), Date: 28.09.12


The State Government pensioners and their family members are entitled to get the benefits of the West Bengal Health Scheme 2008 under the Finance Department’s Memorandum No. 3475-F dated 11.05.2009 and its related Government orders as subsequently issued. Now, the Governor is pleased to publish the following guidelines to be adopted for change of sanctioning authority in connection with medical benefits under the W.B.H.S. 2008 for the State Government Pensioners/ Family Pensioners:

(1) The pensioner/ family pensioner who has already enrolled under the W.B.H.S. 2008 but likes to submit claims of medical benefits under the W.B.H.S. 2008 to an office as mentioned in para 2 of Finance Deptt. Memo no. 10795-F(MED) dated 22.11.10 shall apply in Form VII (enclosed along with) only to his/ her Pension Sanctioning Authority, who is the competent authority of his/ her enrolment as per rule. On receipt of such Form VII the Pension Sanctioning Authority, after duly verifying the enrolment of the pensioner/ family pensioner under the W.B.H.S. 2008 and his/ her discontinuation of medical relief from the date of enrolment, shall, by an order forward all the copies of relevant documents duly authenticated as regards his/ her enrolment under the W.B.H.S. 2008 along with authenticated copies of the W.B.H.S. Identity Cards and orders sanctioning medical facilities, if there be any, in respect of the pensioners/ family pensioners, to the respective office, as mentioned in Form VII wherein he/ she intends to submit claim for medical facilities.

However, all pending cases relating to medical advance/ reimbursement should be settled by the Pension Sanctioning Authority before change of office towards treatment facilities.

(2) But the pensioner/ family pensioner who is willing to come under the W.B.H.S. 2008, but likes to have medical facilities from an office as mentioned in para 2 of Finance Deptt. memo no. 10795-F(MED) dated 22.11.10 shall apply to his/ her Pension Sanctioning Authority for enrolment in Form I as well as in Form VII. The Pension Sanctioning Authority, after enrolling the pensioner/ family pensioner under the W.B.H.S. 2008 shall, by an order forward authenticated copies of all the relevant documents to the office as mentioned in Form VII.

(3) After getting all the relevant documents the office from which the pensioner/ family pensioner is willing to take medical benefits under W.B.H.S. 2008 shall issue an order allowing him/ her to submit claims of treatment facilities under W.B.H.S. 2008 following clause 11 of F. D. memo no. 3475-F dated 11.05.09. The Pension Sanctioning Authority under whom the pensioner/ family pensioner was actually enrolled shall be informed accordingly. However, claims should be settled following provision under clause 13 of the W.B.H.S. 2008.

(4) The Pension Sanctioning Authority should be informed from time to time by the respective office after settlement of each claim in favour of the pensioners/ family pensioners enrolled following the aforesaid provision.

Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal.





No. 8246-F dated 28.09.2012  

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