Salary, Wages, Remuneration, Honorarium etc.

Improvement of Contractual and Casual Employee Compensation, 2024

Improvement of Contractually Employed IT Staff Compensation

·         Enhancement of Remuneration of Casual/ Contractual Workers, 2024

With effect from the 1st April, 2024 the consolidated monthly remuneration of the above categories of workers will be revised as follows:

·         Enhancement of Remuneration of Contractually Engaged IT Personnel

The primary criterion shall be “nature of job assigned on the date of initial engagement” and the secondary criterion shall be “minimum qualification and experience on the date of initial engagement.”

·         Remuneration and T.A. for Evaluation process of H.S. Examination, 2023

WBCHSE has been pleased to enhance the Remuneration and Travelling Allowances of Head Examiners, Examiners, Scrutineers and Co-ordinators w.e.f. the evaluation process of answer scripts of Higher Secondary Examination, 2023.

·         Enhancement of Remuneration of Part Time Group-D Employees

Governor has been pleased to decide that the remuneration of the part time Group-D employees, employed throughout/ not throughout the year, paid out of contingency shall be Rs. 3,000/- only per month with effect from 01.11.2022.

·         Disbursement of Salary for the Month of September and October, 2022

Salary including Grant-in-Aid salary, Wages, remuneration, stipend, honorarium for the month of September and October, 2022 will be paid on 28th & 29th September, 2022 and 21st October, 2022 respectively.

·         Minimum Wages for Employees in Meat and Meat Products and Feed Plants

Governor is pleased to revise the minimum rates of wages payable to the employees employed in respect of the employment in ‘Employment in meat and meat Products and feed Plants’, in the State of West Bengal.

·         Minimum Rates of Wages in Construction/ Maintenance of Roads/ Building

The minimum rates of wages for those in the employment of CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE OF ROADS OR IN BUILDING OPERATION in the state of West Bengal.

·         Remuneration of IT Personnel engaged on Contractual basis

The entitlement of annual enhancement of remuneration/ professional fees of the IT personnel as provided in Memo No. 5859-F(Y) dated 22.07.2013 shall not affect till their remuneration structure is further revised.

·         Enhancement of Remuneration of JRFs and SRFs wef February, 2021

Governor is pleased to enhance the monthly remuneration of the Junior Research Fellows and Senior Research Fellows as follows: Rs. 25,000/- and Rs. 30,000/- respectively with effect from February, 2021.

·         Annual Enhancement of Remuneration @ 3% for Para Teachers

Governor has been pleased to accord approval for an yearly enhancement of remuneration @ 3% in respect of Para teachers and other categories of personnel engaged under SSM, SSK and MSK teachers who have been brought under School Education Department in the recent past.


·         West Bengal Parliamentary Secretaries (Appointment, Salaries, Allowances and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2012

An Act to provide for the Appointment, Salaries, Allowances and other Miscellaneous provisions of the Parliamentary Secretaries in the State of West Bengal.

·         Disbursement of Salary for the month of October, 2020

The salary of State Government employees and salary out of Grants-in-aid for the month of October 2020 will be disbursed on the 28th October 2020 and 29th October 2020 respectively.

·         Enhancement of Contractual Remuneration of Senior Residents

Contractual remuneration of the Senior Residents after enhancement would amount to i. Senior Residents having PG Diploma @ Rs. 65,000/- ii. Senior Residents having PG Degree @ Rs. 70,000/- iii. Senior Residents having Post Doctoral Degree @ Rs. 75,000/- per month.

·         Service Condition and Remuneration of “State Aided College Teacher”

Restructuring of service conditions and other benefits for Govt. approved Part Time teachers (PTTs), Govt. approved Contractual Whole time teachers (CWTTs) and Guest teachers engaged in different Govt./ Govt. aided colleges.

·         Remuneration of Re-Employed Pensioner as per ROPA, 2019

Basic Pay (Band Pay + Gr. Pay) last drawn by him on the date of superannuation will be revised notionally w.e.f. 01.01.2020 under Rule 7 of WBS (ROPA) Rules, 2019 as if he were in service on 01.01.2020.

·         Enhancement of Salary of Primary School Teachers

Enhancement of the corresponding Band Pay as par ROPA, 2009 in case of trained primary teachers is Rs. 7440/- (initial Band Pay) in the Pay Band-3 and in case of untrained primary teachers is Rs. 6700/- (initial Band Pay) in the Pay Band-2.

·         Enhancement of Grade Pay of Primary Teachers

Grade Pay of Trained Primary Teachers is enhanced from Rs. 2600/- in Pay Band-2 to Rs. 3600/- in Pay Band-3 and the Grade Pay of Untrained Primary Teachers is enhanced from Rs. 2300/- to Rs. 2900/- in Pay Band-2 with effect from 1st August, 2019.

·         Additional Honorarium for Anganwadi Workers/ Helpers

Bills for monthly ‘Honorarium’ for the Anganwadi Workers/ Helpers are to be generated through HRMS as usual and shall continue in TR Form No. 26 through e-Billing module of IFMS as a temporary measure until further order.

·         Clarification regarding Payment of Wages to Workers

Whether drawal of non recurring wages of workers engaged locally and temporarily on seasonal/ one time basis should be paid through HRMS.

·         Remuneration of Contractual Gr. C and D Workers under PWD

With effect from 1st February, 2019 such workers, on attaining the age of 60 (sixty) years, will be entitled to one time terminal benefit of Rs. 3.00 Lakh in place of existing Rs. 2.00 Lakh.

·         Revised Remuneration of IT/ Software Personnel

Governor has been pleased to revise the monthly remuneration/ professional fee of the IT/Software Personnel engaged in various Government Establishments.

·         Revised Remuneration for Casual/ Contractual Workers, 2019

With effect from the 1st February, 2019 the consolidated remuneration of Casual/ Daily rated/ Contractual Workers (Group C and Group D) will be revised.

·         40% Enhancement of Remuneration of Siksha Bandhu

Consolidated remuneration of Shiksha Bandhu of PBSSM will be enhanced by 40% (forty percent) of their existing rate of remuneration as entitled in their individual capacity.

·         Enhancement of Remuneration of part time Karmabandhu

Governor has been pleased to decide that remuneration of part time Karmabandhus, paid out of contingency would be enhanced to Rs. 3,000/- per month.

·         Payment of Salary for the Month of September, 2017

In view of Puja Festival 2017, Salary for the month of September shall be paid on the penultimate and last working day of this month i.e. by 25.09.2017.

·         Implementation of HRMS-IFMS for Payment of Wages

Payment of wages for contractual engagement shall have to be paid from detailed head 02-wages irrespective of the engagement being made on daily rated, consolidated or in scale linked.

·         Disbursement of Salary of Govt Employees in Cash

To provide adequate liquid cash so that the disbursement of salary to the employees can be made in cash in denomination of Rs. 500/- and below.

·         Cash Payment of Advance Salary from December, 2016

Governor is pleased to allow to draw part salary/ remuneration or wages in advance against the Salary/ wages of December, 2016 and make cash payment to the employees.

·         Wages of Tea Garden Workers after Demonetisation

District Magistrates of all the Tea growing Districts of West Bengal are hereby authorised to accept deposit of money by the tea garden owners.

·         Rates of Daily Wages of Daily-Rated Workers, 2016

Rates of daily wages of daily-rated workers under the Government whose wages are not regulated by any of the Statutory provisions like the Minimum Wages Act, etc. for 2016.


·         Payment of Salary to Staff of Colleges through e-Pradan

Modalities for payment of salary to the teachers and non-teaching staff of non govt. aided colleges through e-Pradan of IFMS. Pay will be drawn through HRMS w.e.f. 1st July, 2016.

·         Payment of Salary and Others for the Month of March, 2016


·         Enhancement of Remuneration of PTTs (College) wef 01.01.2016

The remuneration of the Government-approved Part Time Teachers (PTTs) in the colleges of the State will be enhanced by 25% over their existing remuneration.

·         Enhancement of Remuneration of PTTs (Technical) wef 01.01.2016

The remuneration of the Government Approved Part Time Teachers (PTTs) will be enhanced by 25% over their existing remuneration. The present provision of 5% increase of remuneration every 3 (three) years will continue.

·         Enhancement of Remuneration of PTTs and CWTTs wef 01.01.2016

Remuneration of Government-approved Part Time Teachers will be enhanced by 25% and that of Government-approved Contractual Whole Time Teachers by 10% over their existing remuneration.

·         Submit Salary Bill for the month of October by 13.10.2015

Owing to onset of Puja vacation salary bills of Govt. Employees and Grant-in-aid salary for the month of October, 2015 may be submitted by 13th October, 2015.

·         Disbursement of Salary on Last but One Working Day of Month

Salary of the State Govt. Employees and Salary out of Grants-in-aid shall be disbursed on last but one working day of the month. Wages of any other kind and Pension shall be disbursed on 1st working day of the following month.

·         Non-Credit of Salary for May, 2015 due to Bank Account Error

It has been decided to disburse salary for the month of June, 2015 on or before 15th June, to the employees whose salary for the month of May, 2015 has not been made in their salary account.

·         Procedure of Drawal of Wages under Work-Charged Establishment

Guidelines for drawal of wages bills related to work-charged establishment under engineering set-up of various Departments in new system after discontinuance of the LOC system wef 01.04.2015.

·         Remuneration of Examiners, Fees of PPR/ PPS in Madhyamik 2015

Enhancement of rates of remuneration of Head Examiners, Examiners and Scrutineers, as well as fees for PPR/ PPS and introduction of payment of telephone charges in favour of all the Head Examiners.

·         Honorarium and Conveyance Charge to Inquiring Authority

Grant of honorarium and conveyance charge to Inquiring Authority and Presenting Officer as well as legal practitioner as Presenting Officer appointed from retired officers.

·         Payment of Salary for the Month of September, 2014

Salary in respect of all State Govt. Employees may be paid on 26.09.2014. Wages, Honorarium, Stipend and Remuneration of any kind payable monthly may be paid on 26.09.2014 in Kolkata and districts.

·         COSA is Mandatory for Drawal of Grant-in-Aid Salary Bills

Top most priority should be given by all concerned for implementation of COSA software package for drawal of Grant-in-Aid Salary Bills latest by the 30th September, 2014.

·         Minimum Wages to Private Security Agency deployed in Govt Establishments

The responsibility for E.S.I., E.P.F., Bonus for the security personnel to be provided by the Security Service Agency will be shouldered by the agency supplying/ engaging the personnel.

·         Grant-in-Aid Salary Bills in COSA Compliant Format

Grant-in-aid salary bills of non-Government aided Secondary Schools/ Madrasahs generated through “On-line salary management system (OSMS)” of School Education Department of the State Government shall be accepted in the Treasury/ PAO.

·         How to prepare Teachers Online Monthly Salary Requisition

Login HOI. Click on ‘Teachers Monthly Salary Information’. Select a Month. On this page you need to put the value of Basic Pay, PF, PF Loan & I. Tax (CPF & Spl. Pay if any) . Use ‘Tab’ key or ‘Arrow’ key to enter DATA. Don’t use ‘Enter’ key.

·         Further Ad-hoc increase in Wages of Daily Rated Workers, 2014

A further ad-hoc increase in the existing daily rate of wages by Rs. 13/- only with effect from January 01, 2014 for the daily rated workers under the Governor whose wages are not regulated by any statutory provisions like the Minimum Wages Act, etc.

·         Submission of Mid-day-Meal Status Report alongwith Salary Requisition

HM/TIC of all Schools/Madrasahs are instructed to submit Mid-day-Meal Status Report (ANNEXURE-A) with their salary Requisition (Hard copy) at the Grant-in-aid Section. Without Mid-day-Meal Status Report Salary Requisition will not be accepted.

·         Revised Rates of Remuneration of the Staff of Ashram Hostels

The questions of revision of rates of remuneration of the staffs of Ashram Hostels for SC/ ST students run by Backward Classes Welfare Department in West Bengal was under active consideration of the Government for sometime past.

·         Guidelines in relation to Submission of Arrear and Salary Bill

It has been observed that a number of schools is submitting salary requisition (online) after due date, hence it is reminded once again to submit salary bills within 10th of a month with hard copies to be submitted within 15th of a month.

·         Payment of Salary for the Month of September, 2013

Salaries of all State Govt. Employees, Wages, Honorarium, Stipend and Remuneration of any kind payable monthly may be paid on 27.09.2013.

·         Community Health Care Management Initiative – Remuneration

Revision of remuneration of employees engaged on contract for implementing Community Health Care Management Initiative (CHCMI) under State Public Health Cell of P&RD Department with effect from 01.04.2013.

·         Enhancement of Remuneration of Part-time Teachers (PTTs)

Governor is pleased to allow 10% one time increase in consolidated remuneration of the Part-time Teachers of Govt.-aided Colleges who will complete 10 years of engagement in the State-aided Non-Govt. Colleges on or after 01.10.2013.

·         Un-approved Scale of Pay while preparing Salary Bill – Caution

Many of the teachers are enjoying the Higher Scale of pay without taking approval of the undersigned, which is not in accordance to GA Rules. Stop this unauthorised Higher Scale of pay and intimate it to the undersigned immediately for further course of action.

·         Remuneration of Casual/ Daily Rated/ Contractual Workers, 2013

The number of years of engagement will be determined as on 01.04.2013. All other terms and conditions will same as in Finance Department’s Memo No. 9008-F(P), dated 16th September, 2011.

·         Fixed Monthly Honorarium ASHAs

Payment of monthly fixed honorarium to the ASHAs at the rate of Rs. 1300.00 only per month per ASHA with effect from 01.04.2013 until further orders in addition to their monthly performance based incentive received by them as usual, from NRHM fund.

·         Bengal Legislative Assembly (Members’ Emoluments) (Amendment) Act, 1998

An Act to fix the salaries and allowances of Members of the Bengal Legislature.

·         Additional Remuneration for Gr. D Employees Operating Xerox Machine

Gr. D employees, who are attached to office where there is no post of duplicating machine operator and are operating the same in addition to their normal duties will get additional remuneration @ Rs. 80/- per month.

·         Enhancement of Contractual Remuneration of MGNREGA Employees

Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE) engaged for the purpose of making data entry who are paid on pro-rata basis, the Department makes an ad-hoc increase of 30% in respect of data entry charge in respect of all existing data entry interfaces.

·         Salary or Wages under purview of Profession Tax

The profession tax payable by an employee is to be deducted by employer from salary and wage payable to the employee as per Profession Tax Act.

·         Daily Wages Rate for Casual Drivers of BT Vans

Casual drivers of B. T. Vans provided by NACO in Kolkata and other districts of West Bengal on daily wage basis @ Rs. 227/- per day not exceeding 26 days in a month on the basis of their monthly working statement.

·         Rates of Daily Wages of Daily-Rated Workers, 2013

Rates of daily wages of daily-rated workers under the Government whose wages are not regulated by any of the Statutory provisions like the Minimum Wages Act, etc.

·         Mandatory Generation of Salary Bills through COSA Software

Head of Offices/ DDOs are informed that the generation of salary bills through COSA is now mandatory. Henceforth salary bills from July 2012 and onwards should be submitted to the Treasuries/ Pay & Accounts Offices only in COSA generated printed bills.

·         Appointment of Group – D Post on Consolidated Remuneration

Directly fill up maximum of 3000 vacancies of Group ‘D’ on contract basis in different departments on consolidated contractual remuneration as per the provisions in Memo. No. 9008-F(P) dt. 16.09.2011.

·         Parity in Monthly Consolidated Remunerations under Samities

All contractual employees engaged in different programmes under the WBSH&FWS will be grouped in identical categories considering their designation and nature of duty and responsibilities assigned to their designation.

·         Cash Handling Allowance as Additional Remuneration

Senior Accounts Clerks or the Divisional Offices posted in the Public Works Departments and performing duties of handling cash may be allowed additional remuneration @ Rs. 100/- p.m. for amount of average monthly cash disbursed upto Rs. 75,000/- p.m.

·         Revised Minimum Wages to Private Security Agency

Monthly security charges payable to such security agencies will be revised automatically based on the revised Minimum Wages as declared by Labour Department.

·         Salary Increment of Para Teachers, Siksha Bandhus

State Government will bear the expenditure if the Government of India stops funding the PBSSM Project before their cessation of engagement attaining 60 years of age.

·         Additional Remuneration of Rs. 120/- p.m. for Head Estimator

Governor is pleased to declare that the special pay of Rs. 120/- p.m. for Head Estimator, shall be treated as Additional Remuneration w.e.f. 01.01.1996.

·         Head of Account for Consolidated Pay/ Remuneration of Contractual Employees

The charge for payment will be debitable under the detailed head “28 payment of professional and special services-02-other charges” subordinate to relevant Major Head of Account of the budget.

·         Remuneration of Different Contractual Employees of PBSSM

Enhancement of remuneration of different contractual employees of Paschim Banga Sarva Shiksha Mission in State Project Office, District Project Office and Circle Level Resource Centre.

·         Revised Remuneration of Contractual Employee under SSA

On attaining 60 years of age or winding up of this project the Para teachers or other contractual employee as shown above will be paid an exgratia Retirement Honorarium of Rs. 1 (One) Lakh only on lump sum basis.

·         Duties, Remuneration and Leave of Para Teacher in West Bengal

Para teachers will perform three major duties – (a) Remedial teaching (b) Child tracking (c) Teaching Learning Material (TLM) preparation for activity based learning in School.

·         Development of Online Salary Requisition System in School

NIC has developed an online salary requisition system for North 24 Parganas district as a pilot project, which would be available in the School Education Department’s portal w.e.f. 01.02.2012.

·         Salary Payment Date of Employees of Non-Govt. Aided Colleges

Disbursement of salary of and non-teaching employees of Non-Government Aided Colleges will be made on the first working day of the month following the month to which such salary relates.

·         Payment of Salary in Cash (ePS Scheme)

Allow payment of salary in cash of State Govt. employees who fail to furnish bank particulars to respective DDO up to month of November, 2011 until ePS Scheme.

·         Payment of Salary through A/c Payee Cheque

Salary to the concerned employees, who failed to furnish their bank particulars to the Drawing & Disbursing Officers, shall be paid through “Account Payee” Cheques

·         e-Payment of Salary (ePS) Scheme, 2009

Payment of salary to employees may be made through e-payment of salary scheme, 2009 i.e. ePS Scheme to ensure transparency and to avoid delay.

·         West Bengal Colleges (Payment of Salaries) Act, 1978

An Act to make provisions for regular payment of salary to persons employed in Colleges in West Bengal and matters connected therewith.

·         Revised Rate of Remuneration to the Part-time Contingent Staff

Pay of the part-time Group – D employees paid out of the contingencies may be fixed in the following manner w.e.f. 01.06.2009: For doing duties more than three hours per day – More than Rs. 1500/- but not more than Rs. 2000/- p.m.


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