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Updated Synopsis of Leave Rules (Courtesy: Nasim Altaf, Headmaster, Garden Reach Madhyamik Vidyalaya)

Clarification on the Issue of Grant of Quarantine Leave [51 & 17-DSE-18099/1/2022-DP SEC-DSE dated 15.01.2022] 
QUARANTINE LEAVE (Secondary & Elementary) [02 & 15-DSE-18099/1/2022-DP SEC-DSE dated 04.01.2022] 
Child Care Leave – Roaster Maintain [PDF (Page 1)]
Child Care Leave in respect of adopted child [2452-F(P) dated 21/04/2017]
Grant for Paternity-cum-Child Leave for 30 days to the male employees | Education Department’s Matching Order [PDF (Page 2)] (Source: Email)
Guidelines to Grant Child Care Leave (Higher Edn Dept)
No Leave allowed during MP & HS Exam except Serious Medical Ground (Source: E-Mail)
Special Casual Leave may be extended for the Teaching & Non-teaching Staffs (under Grant-in-Aid) attended on Bandh day
Special Casual Leave for 2nd September, 2015 (Published by Finance Dept, GoWB)
Inclusion in cancellation of the FD order No. 6649-F(P) dated 04.09.2015
Treatment of Absence during strike/bandh [2013-F(P) dated 06.03.12]
Amendments of confusion of the benefits of Child Care Leave [6444-F(P) dated 27.08.2015]
Absence will not be treated as dies non and no salary will be deducted in case of leave like child care Leave, Maternity Leave, Earned Leave, etc. [6649-F(P) dated 04.09.2015]
Child Care Leave for the Female teachers (Published by Madrasah Board)
Notice regarding extension of benifit of the Child Care Leave (No:DS(Aca)/400/C/49 dt:10/08/2015) (Published by WBBSE)
Regarding extension of benefit of the Child Care Leave for a maximum period of 2 (Two) years [713(4)-SE/S/2L-03/15 (Pt. I)] (Published by SED)
Child Care Leave for Employees of College and Universities [5780-F(P) dated 29.07.15]
Child Care Leave for a maximum period of 730 days to the regular female teaching and non-teaching employees of Govt. sponsored / Non-Govt. aided Schools, Boards, DPSC, SSC (Source)Application Form for CCL as provided by DPSC, Burdwan
G.O.s Regarding Leave (All in One)
Medical Leave in First Year of Service (Kol-2327/04/G dated 11.06.2004) | ML in Additional Post before retention (Ban. 1999/13/9 dated 11.06.13)
Teachers appointed to additional posts after confirmation to the regular posts will be entitled to the benefit of leave accured during the pendency period of confirmation (Kol-S/435B dated 06.06.01)
Clarification of Certain points [proportionate CL] (7211/G/0054-242/112 dated 21.07.82)
Clarification of Certain points of Leave Rules (8417/G dated 07.11.81)
Comprehensive Leave Rules [1541-Edn (S) /21-2/77, dated 15.12.1977]
Clarification of Leave Rules (S/221 dated 30.08.2010)
Lien Leave in Bengali – Part – I Part – II (from Mushkil Asan)
Leave Rule in Bengali (from Mushkil Asan) – Commuted Leave | Quarantine Leave | Half Pay Leave
List of Documents required for approval of Study / Special Leave (WBBSE) | Permission Letter (Sample)
Study Leave may be granted to teaching & non-teaching staff
Maternity Leave in details (Bengali) | Long Vacation & Maternity Leave
Maternity Leave increased to 180 days – WBBSE | WBSED (Secondary) | WBSED (Primary)
Child Adoption Leave for Staffs of Non-Govt. Aided Secondary Schools | Relevent G.O. (S/214 dated 23.08.10) by WBBSE
Casual Leave (CL) in details (Bengali)
Permission of leave at 3:30pm during Ramzan (View in JPG)
No. of Holidays in Secondary Schools for the changed Academic Sessions 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012 & 2012 and the No. of days for Casual Leave to be enjoyed by the Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff of Secondary Schools for the revised / changed sessions noted above. (Circular No. S/104, dated 07.08.2009)


Leave Rules || West Bengal School Education Department

Leave Rules for Teaching and Non-teaching Staff- December 19, 2018

Casual Leave (CL) Rules for all School staffs

Salary will be given during Maternity Leave

Order regarding Child Care Leave (C.C.L)

Voluntary Retirement of State Government employees


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