Madhyamik English Question Pattern 2025 Mark Details 

পশ্চিমবঙ্গ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি প্রশ্নের বিবরণ ২০২৫ :

Madhyamik English Question Pattern 2024 Mark Details | পশ্চিমবঙ্গ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি প্রশ্নের বিবরণ ২০২৫ : The total marks for Madhyamik Class 10th English 2024 Examination will 100, out of which 90 marks for the written exam and 10 marks for viva voce.  The question pattern and Marks distribution of Madhyamik English question paper are given below.

Topics MCQ Very Short Short & Explanatory Essay Type Total
Reading (Seen) Prose: 1×5Poetry: 1×4 Prose: 1×3 Prose: 2×2Poetry: 2×2 0 20
Reading (Unseen) 1×6 1×6 2×4 0 20
Grammar & Vocabulary 1×3 1×9 2×4 0 20
Writing 0 0 0 10×3 30

Madhyamik English Suggestion 2025

West Bengal Class 10th English Suggestion 2025

মাধ্যমিক দশম শ্রেণী ইংরেজি সাজেশন ২০২৫

Prose – Madhyamik English Suggestion 2025 :  




Poetry – Madhyamik English Suggestion 2025 :





Grammar – Madhyamik English Suggestion 2025 :





Madhyamik English Suggestion 2024 is published for the students of class ten so that they can prepare for the coming WBBSE exam very soon. They can prepare for the Madhyamik Exam with “Madhyamik 2024 English Suggestion”.


Nowadays, the suggestion is very popular among students. It has a great role for the home tutor.


Madhyamik English Syllabus & Important Topics (2024)

The syllabus of WBBSE is very simple. The students of 2024 have to read more than 2021. As exam 2021 had been cancelled, the students should study the complete syllabus.


1.  Father’s Help **

2.  The Passing Away of Bapu

3.  Our Runaway Kite***

4.  The Cat ***

The lessons which are marked with stars are very important.


1.  Fable **

2.  My Own True Family ***

3.  Sea Fever

4.  The Snail ***

The lessons which are marked with stars are very important.


  • Paragraph ***
  • Report ****
  • Letter (Personal and Official)
  • Notice ***
  • Processing ***
  • Biography
  • Story ***
  • Dialogue **
  • Summary

The writing sections which are marked with stars are very important.


  • Article
  • Preposition
  • The tense and right form of the verb
  • Phrasal verb
  • Joining sentences
  • Splitting of sentences
  • Voice change
  • Narration change
  • Degree change
  • Transformation of sentences [simple-compound-complex]
  • Interchange of part of speech
  • Transformation of types of sentences,[Assertive, Interrogative, Optative, Exclamatory.]

All these grammars usually come up in the exam. These should be learned and practised very well. To learn these grammars, you can watch our digital English YouTube channel videos or read the website posts. The posts are very well explained.



Prose 1X5=5 1X3=3 2X2=4
Poem 1X4=4 2X2=4
Unseen 1X6=6 1X6=6 2X4=8
Textual Grammar  (1×3=3),(1×3=3),(1×3=3),(1×3=3) (2X4=8)     12+8=20

Writing: 10X3= 30


Total marks of English subject is 100. But that marks has been divided into two parts such as written (90) and project (10).


Topic Mark
Seen 20
Unseen 20
Grammar 20
Writing 30

Natural disasters: Flood, Strom, Earthquake, Tsunami, landslides and etc.

Accidents: Street, Train, Plain Crash, Boat Capsize, Fire, Collapse and so on.

Pandemic: Covid-19, Malaria, Dengue and etc.

Environmental: All types of pollution, Deforestation, Save drinking water, Tree Plantation and so on.

Extra: Biography, Kidnapping, Robbery, Function and so on.

These topics must be practised. Besides it, practice Test Paper and Question Bank Unseen.

Practice Unseen on some recent topics.

WBBSE Madhyamik 2024 English Writing Suggestion


  1. Online Education (Merits and demerits) ***
  2. Lockdown ***
  3. Your experience during lockdown ***
  4. Impact of covid-19 on education ***
  5. Advantages of practising yoga in covid-19 pandemic ***
  6. Covid-19 Vaccine Immunization ***
  7. Your favourite person **
  8. Your locality/ village **
  9. Your school **
  10. Your aim in life **
  11. Your daily routine **
  12. Internet *
  13. Mobile phone (Advantages and disadvantages) *
  14. Value of games and sports *
  15. Discipline in student life *
  16. Pollution
  17. Importance of early rising

Star rating is very important

All these questions can be answered in the writing section of our website and many writing questions can be answered by clicking next to them.



Street, Train, Plain Crash, Boat Capsize, Fire, Collapse

Accident report writing format all in one


Teachers’ Day, Independence Day, Birth Day, Cultural Programme,

Programme and celebration report writing format


Floods, Cyclones, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Landslides, Lightning Strikes


Robbery, Kidnapping

Broken out Covid-19


Editor Letter Writing All in One Format

As an editor letter was in the question paper, it is not so important to the candidate of madhyamik 2025.  But I will always suggest you to practice some editor letter writings.

Besides it you can memorize a format of editor letter writing that will help you to write any editor letter.

  • Losing Madhyamik’s admit card
  • Leave of absence
  • Organizing an educational trip
  • Special class after test examination
  • Taking permission for celebrating Tree Plantation Day
  • Prayer for the upgradation of the school library

Headmaster Application Format

  • To your friend about your experience of lockdown.
  • Write a letter to your friend advising him not to be addicted of online games.
  • To your brother advising him to read English newspaper.
  • To your friend about his hobby
  • Invite your friend to join a picnic
  • Invite your friend to join your birthday party
  • Relief for flood/the cyclone yass affected people
  • Debate competition
  • Pogramme/ Celebration/ Function Notice format
  • Coron virus/dengue/malaria prevention camp
  • Free health check-up camp
  • Missing
  1. How the sanitiser is made ***
  2. The processing of mask ***
  3. Preparation of Phenyl ***
  4. ORS ***
  5. Soap ***
  6. Magazine
  7. Rain
  8. Mustard oil
  9. Mango pickle
  10. How newspapers are produced

The topics which are with stars are very important.


Biography writing is not so important to the candidate of Madhyamik 2024 but I will always suggest you practice some biography writing and a format.

Biography Writing All in One Format

  1. The monkey and the cap seller
  2. A clever judge
  3. The sailor and the monkey
  4. The tiger and the traveller
  5. The boon of the golden touch
  6. The real mother
  7. Buddha and the mother
  8. The man and the quarrelling sons
  9. Boys and the frogs
  10. The dog and the shadow
  1. Between two friends about an unknown disease
  2. Dialogue between two persons about the high price of essential commodities.
  3. Students and teachers about learning English or spoken English.
  4. Between a doctor and patient
  5. Between a grocer and a buyer

Practice from the question bank or test paper.

How to get high marks in Madhyamk in English

Most students want to get high marks on the exam. But all of them do not achieve good marks. There are some secret tips behind getting high scores. If you want to make a good result in WBBSE, you must have to know the rules and maintain them.

  • Understand the whole syllabus.
  • Read the textbook carefully.
  • Take suggestions about the answer sheet presentation from the teacher.
  • Practice the test paper.
  • Solve the short questions from the question bank and test paper.
  • Try to present the answer sheet in handwriting well.
  • Avoid grammar mistake and spelling mistakes.
  • Practice test paper questions and try to complete the whole answer in time.
  • Give mock test several times.
  • Revise the answer sheet before submitting it.

Stay connected with us for all the answers. I may update the suggestion before and after the test exam.  I will also share the answers through social media.

Last year’s writing skills

Important notes of the students

Most of the students think the suggestions mean the same questions which are given on the question paper in the exam hall. But this concept is totally wrong. Suggestion refers to the experience of a teacher about question patterns and the possibility of the question of outcome question papers. That is why we suggest you go through the textbooks carefully and follow the question patterns of the previous years.  You can join our Telegram Channel and follow our Facebook Page for the latest updates.

You can comment below about Madhyamik English Suggestion 2024 if you have any questions. We are waiting for your positive response.


1. “And the former called the latter!”- Who are referred to here as ‘the former and the latter’?
2. Who is called ‘little prig’ and why?
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3/6/23, 11:44 AM PushPDF 2/7
3. How does the mountain make fun with the squirrel?
4. What according to the squirrel must be taken in together?
5. What is not a disgrace to the squirrel?
6. What does the squirrel not deny?

1. “And I think it no disgrace”- Why does the squirrel feel no disgrace?
2. Why is the mountain not half so spry?
3. Mention two qualities of the mountain?
4. “Talents differ, all is well and wisely put”- Explain the line.
5. What is a Fable?
6. What moral is suitable for the poem ‘Fable’?
The Passing Away of Bapu
Short & Explanatory

1. “There was an unnatural silence. It was as if time stood still for those minutes”- Why did the speaker think so?
2. What was the instant reaction of the common people after Gandhiji’s death?
3. Why did the people look like lost children?
4. What announcement calm people?
5. What did Padmasi suggest and why?

3/6/23, 11:44 AM PushPDF 3/7
1. Why has the walk been termed ‘agonizing’?
2. Describe the funeral procession of Gandhiji.
3. How did people pay their last respect to Bapu?
4. Why walking with Bapu ‘had a special meaning’?
5. What did the author realize as she moved forward?

1. Describe the immersion of Gandhiji’s mortal remains.
2. How did the author feel after coming back to Delhi?
3. Why did the author feel unprotected after Gandhiji’s death?
4. Why did the author say, ‘what if now Bapu is gone’?
5. Who according to the writer would rebuild the India that Bapu dreamt of?
My Own True Family
Short & Explanatory

1. Describe the appearance of the old lady in the oakwood.
2. What made the poet feel nervous?
3. Why did the old woman begin to cackle?
4. What did the poet mean by “I came twice awake”?
5. How was the poet blamed by the Tribe? 4/7
1. What was the promise the poet had to make?
2. What would happen if the poet failed to keep the promise?
3. What was it that altered the poet?
4. What did the poet realize after coming out of the oakwood?
5. “My walk was the walk of a human child, but my heart was a tree”- Explain
Our Runaway Kite
Short & Explanatory

1. Why did the narrator and Claude make the most of each other?
2. What did Claude and narrator not understand?
3. What used to puzzle Claude and the narrator?
4. Describe the weather on the Big Half Moon Island during Summer.
5. What game did Claude and Philippa play last summer?

1. How was the kite decorated?
2. How was a hole made in the kite?
3. How did they patch the kite up?
4. What was the condition of the narrator’s father after reading the letter?
5. What did Father find when he went back home year afterward? 5/7
1. Why did aunt Esther turn pale?
2. How did aunt Esther recognize the kite’s owner?
3. What did the narrator’s Father do after receiving the letter?
4. What was the role of the kite in fulfilling the wish of the narrator to have relations?
Madhyamik Writing Skill
Process Writing
Oral Re-hydration Solution
Building Construction
How to prepare Sanitizer in Home
How the mask is prepared

Moulana Abul Kalam Azad
Satyajit Roy
Swami Vivekananda

Paragraph Writing
Benefit of Early Morning Exercise
Global Warming
Importance of Sports & Games
Book Fair
Use and Misuse of Mobile Phone

3/6/23, 11:44 AM PushPDF 6/7
Casual Letter
Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about disadvantage of Mobile Games
Write a letter to your friend advising him/her to visit the library regularly.
A letter to your friend regarding a visit to a place of historical interest.
Letter to your friend regarding advantage and disadvantage of online classes

Formal Letter
Write a letter to the editor about the disturbances caused by the thoughtless use of loudspeakers.
Write a letter to the editor about reckless driving of public vehicles.
Write a letter to the WBSEDCL about unnatural electric bill of your house.
Write a letter to the OC of local police station regarding loss of your Bi-cycle
You have been selected for the Bengal, Under-17 football team. Write an application to the
Headmistress/ Headmaster of your school seeking permission from her/him so that you can attend
the trial camp.
A letter to the editor of a newspaper regarding high price of essential commodities

Story Writing
The Soldier in Desolate Island
The Shepherd and The Wolf
A Foolish Dog was crossing a bridge over a stream……

Notice Writing
Inter School District Sports Competition

3/6/23, 11:44 AM PushPDF 7/7

Inter School Quiz / Music Competition
Opening Library in your locality
Blood Donation Camp
Garbage Cleaning Operation in School
Write a notice informing the students about a historical tour from school
Tree Plantation Programme in School
Distribution of free Text Books
Distribution of Mask and Sanitizer
What to do and not to do after re-opening school


















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